Risk: The Official Game for iPhone now available

Risk iPhone Game.Risk:The Official Game” is the new mobile version of the well known original PC game. You can play this game from your iPhone now. The game is all about the battle between two teams of armed men and their fight to conquer the world as depicted on a political map. Each team consisting of 4 to 6 players captures enemy territories with fierce fights using complex weapons. The count on deaths on either side decides the victorious team. Amazing animation with a blending sound system adds spice to the game. The conclusion of each part of the battle is marked by the appearance of huge banners with plentiful animation which may be a nuisance sometimes. There is an option to turn off these banners.

The game runs for hours and you get addicted to it. The only monotonous part of the game is availability of single world map rather than variety of colorful maps. Download and start playing this game for $4.99 and enjoy yourself!

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