Samsung Galaxy S: 15 Free Android Applications

Samsung Galaxy-S Apps.Samsung Galaxy S is a big hit in smartphone market. Below are the 15 useful and fascinating free Android applications which can be incorporated in your Samsung Galaxy-S (Vibrant) Smartphone.

Dropbox Anywhere – The app integrates your files in Smartphone and laptop so that you can access documents when at home or travelling in a train. Normal functions like viewing, editing, saving, retrieving of files can be carried out wherever you are.

LauncherPro – This is a beautiful app for customizing your screen to suit your specific requirements. You can organize your battery, social network, email/contacts/messages, etc., in different screens, widgets for shortcut for phone, e-mail etc., and maneuver the screen with soft touch and flip of the fingers.

Easynote – This handy app is similar to a scribbling pad to jot down any type of data/action plan like
  • Things to take when on holidays
  • Monthly groceries list
Make it your home screen so that the lists serve as reminders.

Meebo - For the chatter box in you, Meebo connects you to friends for a relaxed chat. You can also access saved chats and history details from your laptop or desktop.

Twitter – With the help of this free app you can carry out normal operations like login, view tweets from pals, send tweets to your contacts, verify profile of contacts, messages, updates your profile, etc.

IMDB Movies & TV - The best amusement app for the movie bugs with a huge collection of movie database. The app enables the following.
  • Watch super quality movie trailers
  • Access TV listing
  • Flip thousands of photographs
  • Find show times of movies in different theaters
Amazon Kindle – Versatile app for e-book browsing and reading. With Kindle app you can sync between your last pages read on your Kindle and the Smartphone. This feature comes in handy for books running into hundreds of pages. You can access Amazon Kindle’s complete eBook library.

Advanced Task Killer – When several programs are running on your mobile screen, you may like to close some of them. Advanced Task Killer does the job of closing the screens quickly. Program running in the background can also be closed. Screen looks clean.

Google Goggles – This is an interesting app for visual search. Goggle will identify a set of objects from the snapshot taken through your mobile camera. Eight type of objects such as wine, logos, artwork, books, etc., are recognized by this app. It provides a nice pastime.

Jump – In this game you have to help a creature on a square pad to reach as high as possible on the pad by jumping on platform without falling. You have to control the movement by suitably tilting the handset against several obstacles. This fun game is exciting and addictive.

Barcode Scanner – This app enables
  • Scanning of barcodes on books, CDs.
  • Find prices and reviews.
  • Scan QR codes containing URLs, calendar events, contact details.
  • Find words and their place of occurrence in books.
Astro File Manager – With this free app you can able to investigate your SD card and carry out the following operations.
  • Deletion
  • Rename
  • Backup files
  • Move
Adobe Reader - This free app is a PDF reader for your handset. The app enables these features.
  • Pinch and zoom.
  • Double tap zoom.
  • Flick-scrolling and panning.
The new “Reflow” mode provides comfortable handling of bulky files on the small screen of the phone.

AppBrain – When you want to search, find and install several apps to your smartphone, you may resort to AppBrain for doing this task quickly. With AppBrain downloaded on your phone, opens AppBrain website. The app interacts with the site and does the rest of the job.

Pandora – This app provides different styles of music – classical, hip-hop, jazz, folk, rock, pop, etc., all streaming from radio through 7 screens with widgets on your mobile. Enjoy music of your heart’s delight in the cool comforts of your home or on the go.

To download any of the above app, just search for the app in Android Market on your mobile.

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