SpringFlash - First Jailbreak app for iPhone 4

All of us are eagerly awaiting for iPhone 4 jailbreak app. News is that it will be inaugurated any time soon by Dev Team. But at this juncture a new app known as SpringFlash has been created by BigBoss exclusively for iPhone 4 which is jailbroken. As in the case of iPhone 4, this app comes with a flashlight with powerful LEDs. Presumably the very name of the app is derived from this feature.

SpringFlash is Springboard activator based application wherein an activator is utilized to trigger the app. The implication here is that there is no need for a permanent icon for this app; simply tap and hold the status bar to launch the app.

SpringFlash can be accessed through BigBoss repo free of cost. Go ahead with SpringFlash! You can download it from Cydia as well.

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