StumbleUpon App for Android and iPhone Available

StumbleUpon, the popular discovery engine for your kind of content, has launched a new app which enables you to access websites of your choice. This app is compatible with Android as well as iPhone platforms. It can be downloaded for free easily. You can also exercise your well known Thumb-up and Thumb-down rights to express your appreciation or rejection of the various site contents. Other predominant features of this app are listed below.
  • You can explore websites and blogs flipping pages across hundreds of topics as if you read a magazine or newspaper
  • Get recommendations custom-built to your specific requirements so that you could see more topics of your taste
  • You can access videos, snapshots or your favorite category
  • You will see only those contents already filtered by like-minded people who share your thoughts
  • Checkout vivacious videos from YouTube and pretty photographs from Flickr
stumbleupon app.JPG
Search for the app in Android market to download it. If you are iPhone user you can download it directly from iTunes.

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