Top 5 Android Games

Google’s Android is capturing the mobile market fast with a whopping 27% market share for Smartphone with over 100,000 apps and games. Let us look at top 5 best games for Android phones.

Zenonia: Created by Gamevil the game is about the combats of a character by name Regret who goes on to explore the world. As the player you can assume any one of the three options
  • Paladin
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
Each character has a unique fighting style. Hundreds of weapons are deployed in this most absorbing game. Gamevil claims that the game runs for 40 hours.

Pocket Racing: This is a classic top down racing game with twists and turns wherein 5 cars speedup in 5 tracks. The real technical challenge is the display of the race in the mini screen of the mobile phone with at most clarity so that you don’t miss the excitement throughout the game. There is no accelerator and you have to tap right and left to steer round the tracks. The game is set with a cool backdrop.

Hungry Shark: The theme of the game is ‘Survival of the fittest’. As a shark living in the deep sea you have to carry out the following.
  • Explore ocean
  • Kill fish and other sea animals and swimmers
  • Escape venomous jelly fish and mines
Use of accelerometer makes this game fast and thrilling. The audio and video effects are lively and impressive.

Bonsai Blast: In this game you have to stop a line of colored balls by firing marbles in group of three. There are 90 levels of increasingly difficult tasks. Set with traditional Japanese Zen garden backdrop and intuitive touch screen control this addictive puzzle game drives you to the pinnacle of joy.

Everlands: This is a puzzle game wherein animals battle one another on a grid. The target is to have maximum number of animals on your side of the grid. The different animals have different range of attack and directions based on their strength and weakness. There are 5 levels and you have to plan strategy to deploy your team in the best way to capture the enemies. It is time consuming play but you get addicted to it.

All these games are not free, cost a little bit. To download any of the above game just search for it in Android Market.

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