Top eBook Reader Apps for iPhone

iPhone ebook reader app.There are lot of free and paid ebook reader apps available for your iPhone. Check out the below list of ebook reader apps for iPhone.

Top FREE eBook reader apps for iPhone are:
  • Amazon Kindle – Use iPhone features of Kindle. With Kindle app you can sync between your last pages read on Kindle or iPhone. It is possible to access Amazon Kindle’s complete eBook library.
  • Barnes & Noble eReader – This app simulates all library features like browsing through books & contents, downloading samples etc.
  • Aji Reader – Special app to read PDF files, access links, bookmarks, etc.
  • Stanza – Cover Flow, flipping pages, library of stores, free resources and lot other small & useful functions present a great experience with this app. Also you can take notes, access computer from Wi-Fi network.
  • eReader – Traditional eBook format for more than a decade; supports a ton of reading features like landscape mode, font styles and size, footnotes, sidebars, dictionary integration.
Top PAID eBook reader apps for iPhone are:
  • Bookshelf – With this app use Baen Free Library to get free books, use to buy books. Using Software ShelfServer you can load personal eBooks onto iPhone for reading while on the move.
  • Comic Zeal – Specially meant for downloading comic books and graphic novels; variety of ways for browsing and locking screen orientation can be achieved. App enables one hand operation.
  • Eucalyptus – Get 20,000 books duly organized with impressive visual effects; search, download, bookmark, etc., can be done.
  • Classics – an astounding and highly interactive app. Organize your books, flip through pages, fix bookmarks and vary font type & size for easy reading.
  • Wirdy (aka iPDF) – App to read PDF and eBooks. You can view in landscape and portrait modes, save pages, etc.
iPhone may not be the best option for reading as in the case of laptops. However it is definitely useful for glancing and flipping through pages when you are on the move.

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