Type n Talk iPhone App, this week's Top App

Type n Talk iPhone app.Type n Talk is an amusing app from Apple iPhone for free. As you type the words your iPhone reads and talks the words in a typical robotic voice. This app owes its origin to a homepage known as Speak ’n Spell, an entertainment cum educational toy of the 80s. The voice is clear, distinct and much better than that of Speak ‘n Spell.

A compact built-in dictionary feature enables the app to pronounce the words correctly. Words like California, Texas, station, etc., are identified and read without mistake in a robotic gruff voice. However it goofs and mispronounces words like France, transformer, etc., with “fr” and “tr” composition. In case of words like walk, colonel, psychology etc., which are pronounced differently, the app suffers miserably.

Despite all these anomalies this app is definitely interesting and useful which is evident from the fact that it has been downloaded from the iPhone App Store for more than three million times.

If you havent tried this app yet, just download it from iTunes.

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