Unlock Samsung Galaxy S with Unlock Tool!!

Great news for Samsung Galaxy S users – it is possible to your mobile phone to run with other carrier. Some inquisitive users on XDA developers have found a smart and quick way to unlock Samsung Galaxy S and its various editions to work on other networks.

The unlock codes are stored on the BAK file on the internal SD card of the handset itself and not on a separate remote server as the case of other smart phones. You need a simple hex editor script and USB connection of your phone to your desktop computer to unlock the phone.

If you feel that you will encounter any warranty problem, relax, the problem will not arise. Your handset can be relocked to its original provider with the original code.

The unlock code has also opened the floodgates of T-Mobile’s Vibrant and AT&T’s Captivate handsets to work on each other’s networks with some modifications.

To download Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool, just search for it in the Android market or scan the below QR code.
Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool QR codeFor detailed information about unlocking Galaxy S smartphone, check this LINK.

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