Update for HTC HD mini Audio Muting

HTC HD mini.HTC finally released an update for HTC HD mini to fix Audio muting issue. This update improves sound handling when in a call. This update is only applicable to ROM versions less than or equal to 1.36.XXX.X

How to install the update on your HTC HD mini?
  1. Make sure you have Microsoft ActiveSync installed on your Windows XP PC or Windows Mobile Device Center on your Windows Vista PC.
  2. Connect and synchronize your device with your PC via Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center using the USB cable.
  3. To download this update select the update from HERE and the location closest to you then click Download.
  4. Copy the update, which is an .exe file, to your device. To install the update, tap the .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. First execute the file RUU_PHO3693_20100728.exe on your PC while your phone is connected. This will update critical files before you begin your update.
  6. Then, copy the update, PHO03693.exe, to your device. The tap the exe file on your phone and follow the on-screen instructions

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