Voice Tweet from any Mobile via SpokenTwit

Are you an avid Twitter addict with thousands of followers? Are you unable to spend time on your computer or laptop due to work pressure or other preoccupation? Do you find it difficult to type out tweets using your mobile phone’s tiny keyboard? Under these circumstances SpokenTwit.com comes to your rescue. Just follow the below steps:
  1. Register with this site furnishing your Twitter account details.
  2. After signing in your SpokeTwit.com account, dial the relevant number of the country USA, UK, France, etc., where you are at present
  3. Enter your SpokeTwit.com account number and simply convey your tweet by your speech. The tweet reaches your friend directly.
With solid telephone connection your voice reception will be excellent and faithful reproduction without any distortion so that your friend can listen to it comfortably. You can contact your Twitter pals anywhere in the world. You no need to worry about data charges or twitter apps to be installed. You can keep your SpokenTwit.com number on your speed dial for ready reference and use.
spoken twit numbers.JPG
Some of the Features mentioned on spokentwit.com: (via any phone)
  • Post spoken tweets to Twitter
  • Unlimited recording length
  • NO 140 character restriction
  • Voice tweet in local language
  • Followers, hear real voice
  • Tweet while mobile / offline
  • Local access numbers
  • Listen to Twitter text timeline
  • Audio playback of voice tweets
  • @Replies to tweets
  • Delete your tweets
For more details and numbers to dail just visit SpokenTwit.com

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