Mobile Phone Killed 16000 People in US

mobile driving.jpgMobile phones have brought in a revolution in communication field in the past 10 years. You can keep in touch with your near & dear and business friends wherever you are. In addition to simple receiving/ sending calls; iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, etc., handsets work wonders executing non-call functions like route finder, video conference, movie viewing, health gadgets, i-stethoscope, etc., using smart applications.

While the versatile smartphone enables you to do your office work, texting, chat etc., while on the go, your attention gets diverted from the road while driving your car or riding your two wheelers on highways leading to fatal road accidents. The number of such accidents has touched a whopping 16,000 in the US since 2001.

According to studies conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US, one million SMS were sent through mobile phones in the year 2002, 110 million SMS have been sent in the year 2008.

SMS, talking while driving are the culprit which caused such accidents and responsible for the deaths of 16000 people in US alone. Please keep away from your cell phone while driving.

BlackBerry PlayBook Launched!!

RIM has launched its sensational tablet, named as PlayBook, at the BlackBerry Developers’ Conference in San Francisco recently. Acclaimed as the ‘first enterprise-ready tablet’, the device has the following admirable features.
  • Immaculate Internet connection.
  • Fastest ever tablet.
  • Breathtaking Multimedia.
  • Face to face conversation.
  • True multitasking.
Specifications of the RIM PlayBook tablet are:
  • 7” High Resolution wide screen display
  • Thickness 9.7 mm
  • 1 GHz dual core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • POSIX based OS
  • Full HD front and rear facing camera
  • Supports 10.1 Flash with hardware accelerated video, HTML 5, 1080p video
  • Support for dual display using HDMI cable
  • Non-priority HDMI and USB connections
PlayBook is the first multiprocessing, uncompromised browsing and professional grade tablet to hit the market which is bound to give a tough time to its competitors.

Super KO Boxing 2 for iPhone Free Today

Glu Mobile’s Super K.O. Boxing 2 is a game app with unique cartoon-style graphics you will relish on your iPhone while on the go. The game is so simple that you will feel like playing the same immediately at the very first glance.

This app can be downloaded for FREE just for today.

The game deals with 15 fighters each with a specialist move to attack the opponents. You have a variety of moves to choose from for each fighter. The game can be played in 3 distinct modes.
  • Circuit mode – standard career mode which is the lowest level
  • Challenge mode – for advanced fighters 16 targets to attack
  • Endurance mode – Test your endurance limit by accepting punches from your enemies
super ko boxing iphone app.JPG
Super K.O. Boxing 2 utilizes a system of virtual pads and buttons which are responsive and placed in the right spots on the screen such that view of actual boxing on the screen is not obscured. You will get addicted to this game!


JAMSKED, a Mobile Internet Directory of Live Music Events

Mobile media baron BuzzCity has launched beta version of JAMsked, a free mobile internet directory of live music programs for music lovers.

The directory lists latest grand concerts, musical tours as well as performance by individual artists and bands. “Advertise with music” is the theme of JAMsked which effectively influences advertisers, consumers and artists.
  • For advertisers music is the best way to establish connectivity with consumers irrespective of nationality, language, culture and society
  • Consumers are eager to know what is happening around them in their city and in that process get connected with music and artists
  • Recording artists have a larger reach of audience which may eventually increase their earnings and improve their financial status
Thus JAMsked brings out a fusion between advertisers, artists and consumers for mutual benefits.

Want to see how it looks? Check it out now:

Download VLC Media Player iPad App Free

vlc media player iPad appVLC media player for iPad has made it to Apple’s App Store duly approved by the experts concerned. This inspiring multi format video playback app is an open source media tool which can be downloaded for free from App Store. This cross-platform multimedia player and framework plays most multimedia files and variety of streaming protocols.

VLC media player is compatible with several video formats. In particular it syncs admirably well with Apple’s iPad. In fact the fitment is so perfect that iPad and VLC media player app present a picture of “made for each other”.

Developers are busy working on the iPhone version of the app which will be released shortly.

Download VLC Media Player for iPad free from iTunes.

7 Useful Android Applications, you little know

Some of the applications of Google’s Android platform are extremely useful. Showcased here are 7 such top applications.

ShareYourBoard – This app is useful for capturing, processing and sharing whiteboard data.
  • Capture white board picture with your phone at any angle, lighting and type of whiteboard
  • Your cell phone detects the whiteboard edges, improve readability and extracts all information you need
  • Save processed information and add/ edit whiteboard contents
  • Share your data with colleagues
CompareEverywhere or GoCart – These two apps lets you buy the best quality products at the cheapest price. The camera of your phone scans barcode of products. Use GPS facility in CompareEverywhere to locate stores nearby and get prices of products. Online reviews of products and comparative prices will enable you to select the product and price.

TuneWiki or Diggin – These are two fabulous apps for music. Using social music maps from TuneWiki you can access video, pictures, songs, etc. Diggin enables you to access numerous radio stations and you can listen to great music of your choice.

Phonebook 2.0 – How will you access your contacts in case your mobile phone is lost or misplaced? Phonebook 2.0 comes to your rescue under this condition. It backs up all your contacts and addresses on a remote server so that contact data can be accessed from desktop or any other device without dependence on cell phone.

Maverick – This app is ideal for those chat maniacs. You can share messages with your contacts through G-Talk. Exchange videos, pictures and audio clips. If you are a blogger this app enables you to publish your blog post or contents to be shared with your fellow bloggers.

BioWallet – This app brings biometrics to your mobile phone. Make use of your phone camera to scan your retina for proof of your own identity and unlock your devices or protected applications like passwords, certificates, documents, etc.

To download any of these apps, just search for them in Android marketplace.

Furry Legends Game for Samsung Wave

FurryLegends version 1.2.1 is a new game app you can enjoy on your Samsung Wave handset. It is not a fairy tale though it deals with the grand old conflict of good and bad. The story is about a tribe known as Furballs living in a colorful planet. These righteous round furry critters are attacked by a cruel despot by name Squarie who turns the innocent tribal into square forms using his army of cube shaped creatures. As the army captures 3 of the tribal leaders possessing special powers, you are assigned with the mission of overpowering the enemies and save the critters & their land and free their 3 captured leaders. In this process you have to solve several scintillating puzzles and cross platforms in the shape of hurdles.

This is quite an exciting game and you get addicted to it. Samsung mobile users in Germany, France and UK are going crazy with this wonderful game.

Get the game from samsung apps.

Awesome Plane Finder AR iPhone App

If you want to show off your high technical knowledge and impress your girlfriend or family members you can definitely bank on Plane Finder AR, the spicy app on your iPhone. This inspiring app is utilized to locate airplanes that are flying in your neighborhood.

PlaneFinder AR picks up the transmissions made by commercial planes to the control towers and combines the augmented reality of your iPhone to extract vital information about the aircrafts flying around your place.
iPhone AR app
The following interesting particulars about the flights can be accessed with this app.
  • Flight Number
  • Aircraft registration number
  • Altitude at which it flies
  • Distance of flight from your current location
  • Speed of flight
  • Destination
The app works in those areas where coverage of the developer’s Plane Finder Virtual Radar app is available.

Get Plane Finder AR App for iPhone from iTunes for $2.99

Free Tuneably Music App for Android Phones

Tuneably is a wonder app from Android that gives a comprehensive music experience on the web world. The app connects together fabulous video music sites like YouTube, BBC Music, Last fm, etc., and brings those programs to your mobile phone for free. The all-in-one music and video app works like this.
  • Simply enter your beloved bands and artists
  • Glance through each viewing screen and gather loads of information on artists and bands
  • You can watch YouTube video music and listen to tracks
  • Browse through the display of different events date –wise
  • Reserve your seats and buy tickets for the program of your heart’s delight
All these activities could be done in the cool comforts of your home or while you are travelling. You can also get online updates of the calendar events so that you can never miss your favorite concerts.

To download the app, just search for Tuneably in Android market on your mobile.

Mobile Recovery App for Verizon Phones

Verizon Mobile Recovery AppVerizon Wireless has released a new Mobile Recovery application for its variety of phones working on Android and BlackBerry platforms. The company has a Total Equipment Recovery Plan to safeguard the interest of its mobile phone users in the event of loss or theft of their handsets.

The plan aims at searching and getting back the mobile phone apart from protecting the valuable data like bank account number, credit card number, passwords, etc., Mobile Recovery app is free and is part of the Total Equipment Recovery plan.

Salient features of the app:
  • Search and locate the stolen mobile phone using GPS
  • You can sound an alarm on the handset even if it is kept in silent mode
  • You can lock classified data remotely
  • You can also wipe these precious data from handset remotely to safeguard your interest
The wonderful app is compatible with Verizon’s Android, BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Mobile Phone.

For more information about this mobile recovery app, visit HERE

Download Meebo App for BlackBerry Phones

Meebo is a web based chat tool which lets you to access your IM networks like G-Talk, AIM, Windows Live, FaceBook, etc., from your mobile phone. Meebo chat app is fast, it's free and is available for Blackberry Smartphone now.

Interesting aspects of the app are:
  • You can access your full chat history with any client and find out his link or phone number sent by him to you through Instant Messaging.
  • You can sync your chat and conversation with friends from your BlackBerry to desktop and vice versa so that you can continue your chat from anywhere while on the go or at office.
  • The app works equally well with different designs of BlackBerry whether trackball controlled or touch screen controlled.
Meebo for BlackBerry is the cute, intuitive and fun. It sets new standards for BlackBerry app design. The app is ideal for users who have contacts in multiple chat platforms.

Download BlackBerry Meebo App HERE.

GV Mobile+ Voice App for iPhone

Mobile users are well aware that Google Voice (GV) applications, which were sold in Apple’s App Store earlier, were removed by Apple as they already have variety of voice applications of their own. But now the Apple relaunched Google’s voice app “GV Mobile +” with number of improvements to work on iOS4 platform.
GV Mobile+
Features of this app are:
  • dial numbers via the iPhone address book, entering on the keypad, or choosing from the internal favorites
  • send, retrieve, and delete SMS messages
  • retrieve and delete recent call history
  • playback and delete voicemails
  • take calls from different phones other than your iPhone
  • enable, disable, add, or delete the phones that Google Voice forwards calls to
How does GV Mobile + work?
  • GV Mobile + initiates a secure connection with Google and sends a command to do various tasks (call, send sms, etc).
  • GV Mobile + communicates only with Google and no one else.
Get GV Mobile+ application from iTunes for $2.99

Fix Droid X Android 2.2 Update Problems

Droid XDroid X users are busy installing Android 2.2 on their handset. By and large the updating has been successful. In case the update fails, follow the procedure given below:
  • Restore handset close to stock Android 2.1
  • Restore apps like Blockbuster, Amazon MP3, etc., to the system folder, if the same have been removed or renamed
  • Rename BAK file extension to APK in case you have renamed APK file extension to BAK
  • Download APK zip file, extract contents and place files into the system, if APK file has already been deleted
If you are unable to replace the above stock apps
  • Restore handset to stock Android 2.1
  • Only thereafter download Android 2.2 and follow instructions
Important tip – Android 2.2 update installs easily on rooted device. Hence if you have rooted your handset there is no need for unroot.

Its HTC HD3, not HTC HD7?

It is a well known fact that HTC is about to launch its next generation smartphone following its last edition HTC HD2. Sketches leaked from the company sometime back indicated the name as HTC HD7. Recently a few excellent and bright snapshots of this mobile phone have been leaked. The handset looks majestic and cute and the name of the device has been displayed as HD3 without any ambiguity. The situation is rather perplexing now, what is the correct name of the new version working on Windows Phone 7 platform? Is it HD3 or HD7?
HTC HD3HD3 should have been the right choice in the normal course. However, considering the OS, Windows Phone 7, which powers the mobile device, it may be apt to name the device as HD7. It again depends on the makers and their logic, market strategy, sentiments, etc., to name the handset. We have to wait and watch for some more time.

Download Pocket IRC Free for Windows Mobile

Do you like to communicate, contribute and exchange information on your favorite subjects with like-minded people around the world? You can achieve this with help of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network by participating in virtual chat and text messages. The virtual meeting encompasses a very large group of audience which could be handled by a Personal Computer comfortably. Owing to its capacity limitations, your Windows Mobile phone needs a special app to handle this kind of volume. Pocket IRC version 1.3.1 is a freeware which enables Windows Mobile phone users to part take in worldwide virtual meetings with fellow mates.
pocket irc
The app has the following wonderful characteristics.
  • User friendly channel windows remain open even if you quit or disconnect; you can resume contact without hassle and loss of text.
  • Both status window and channel window display disconnect status.
  • In the event of exceeding of channel limits, messages are formatted.
  • View messages in square as well as landslide modes
Download Pocket IRC from HERE

10 Android Games You Must Have!

Android has released countless apps for mobile users.  Here are 10 of the outstanding games app from Android.

Replica Island – In this cute game Professor Kabochanomizu needs you to help him.  You are a small green robot created by him for feel-to-locate a mysterious artifact on a bizarre island.  Armed with rockets you have to fly, stomp and roll your way through 40 challenging levels with 3 unique endings.

Frozen Bubble – This is a highly addictive game wherein you have to knock the frozen bubbles down by forming clusters of 3 or more bubbles.  Instead of the existing wide screen mode, tall screen mode would have been better for this Bubble Babble like fun game.

Nesoid Lite – This is a lite version of Nesoid, the famous NES/FC emulator for Android.  It is an excellent emulator.  The controls are bit difficult and you should get used to them.    The free version does not save this game for your mobile phone. 

Jewels – In this remake of the well known Bejeweled game, you have to play against your friend or the computer.  You will enjoy the 3D graphics.  The game runs for a very short time.  Single player mode is also added to this game.

Raging Thunder Lite – This is a thrilling tyre burning car race game with great graphics.  The game features
·         One level single or multi players
·         Upgrades and repairs
A nice creative environment enhances the atmosphere and track design.

Age of Conquest Lite – This freeware app is suited for players who take lots of risk with complex game experience.  This single player turn-based strategy game works in the medieval backdrop.  As a warrior you will direct your troops to conquer Europe.  

Gearoid Lite – This is a lite version of Gearoid, the SEGA master system / Game Gear emulator for Android.      The free version cannot be saved on your mobile phone.  Control is rendered easy with just two buttons, speed and sound.

Mystique Chapter 1 by Bendroid – This is a horror puzzle game with a perfect blend of 3D modeling and animation.  Locked in a bloody bathroom you have to explore you escape route.  Marvelous graphics enhance the mystery surrounding the entire episode.

RoboDefense Free – This is probably the ultimate experience in tower defense.  The app is characterized by
·         Open maps
·         Upgradable towers
·         Stat upgrades
·         Achievements
·         Outstanding graphics
This free version features 1 map and 11 difficult levels.

SpeedForge 3D – This is a futuristic racing game.  Residents of Mars race their speeding hovercrafts for fun.  You are also flying in a floating car and shoot at the aliens to protect yourself.  You have to tilt your handset to steer right or left and it takes time to learn this technique.  It is an exciting game which takes all your time.
Hope you liked these 10 amazing games for Android Phones. To download any of the above app, just search for it in Android market on your mobile.

HP Slate Review Video

Check out the review of HP Slate, the new windows 7 tablet:

Real Football 2011 App for iPhone 4 to be launched shortly!

Great news for Football fans, Real Football 2011, the new games app from the House of Gameloft is ready for launch for iPhone 4 users . Best of the spectacular characteristics of this app are

  • There are 14 championships to be played by 350 teams with names of real players and 10 glorious game modes to enthrall the viewers
  • History mode gets for you the greatest moments in world football history
  • In Slow motion mode you can watch exciting action replays which can be uploaded to YouTube for sharing with friends
  • As leader you are allowed to lead your team to success in Club master mode
  • Control life of a player in Legend mode

What is more, you are at liberty to change real players and watch the fun. The app with superior graphics provides access to latest news and updates on soccer games anywhere.

Didiom Music Streaming App now available for iPhone

Music lovers, now you can have your own music service streaming tantalizing tunes on your iPhone.  Stream-your-own-music service Didiom app is now ready for iPhone and iPod Touch users.      

To use the app you have to install small software on your desktop which scans your hard drive for audio stuff like music, podcasts, playlists and audio books.  The system is secure and it creates your own personal music streaming channel and this can be streamed back to your iPhone. 
The app is not compatible with Mac system.  Further you have to pay a subscription of $ 9.99 per year to avail the services of the app.  Despite this recurring expense it is really worth buying and installing this app for your iPod Touch and iPhone for the great pleasure you derive listening to your own music on the go. 

Buy Didiom App from iTunes for $9.99

Google Docs Will Incorporate Edit Feature For Free Shortly!

Google will launch mobile editing features for its collaborative Google Docs word processing tools,  with Android’s mobile phone and Apple’s iPad getting their own custom editing features shortly.   At present you are able to read Google Docs files through your Android’s phone’s web window but without editing feature.  According to Google the company expects to roll out the multiple editing support shortly.   The edit feature will be released for Apple’s iPad also.  Google’s release of edit feature for iPad is seen as a strategy keeping in mind that Android would like to nurture the tablet market at present.  Once the app is released it will be a boon to 30 million satisfied clients of Google.

Google will also introduce a new verification process in order to reduce dependence of passwords and increase security of connections. Verification of mobile phone number is also a security measure envisaged by Google. 

Jailbreak iPhone 3G iOS 4.1 with RedSn0w

Redsn0w 0.9.6 Beta 1 version can now jailbreak your iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1 platform. The procedure for the jailbreak is as follows.
  • Run latest version of iTunes 10
  • Download iOS 4.1 to your desktop
  • Using this download, update your iPhone 3G to iOS 4.1 via iTunes
  • Now download latest version of Redsn0w and point it to iOS 4.1
  • Select ‘Install Cydia’ option and follow instructions that appear on the screen
With the above procedure jailbreaking of the iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1 is completed successfully. Once jailbroken your iPhone 3G will reboot automatically.

Download RedSn0w for Windows or Mac

5 Best BlackBerry Apps for iPhone lovers

If you have switched from iPhone to BlackBerry, here are the 5 best applications for BlackBerry Phones similar to iPhone apps.

Save Web Page – With this app, you can download any web content and save it to your BlackBerry smartphone for reading leisurely offline. Save Web Page app enables ‘save PDF’ option on your mobile browser.

CrunchSMS – Equivalent of Bubble text message app of iPhone. You can have your incoming messages in bubble text format with this app. Simply block incoming text messages from regular inbox of your phone.

AVShadow – With this app you can control your TV, DVD Player, etc., using your BlackBerry handset similar to the iPhone remote control of TV. A remote control box is kept near TV which serves as an interface between the gadget and mobile device.

Doodle – You can finger paint on the images of your touch screen utilizing this app as in the case of doodling on iPhone screens. This app is on cost basis; a free doodling app known as MakeaMess is also available with limited number of features.

Weather channel – There is no specific app for radar map and weather available for BlackBerry unlike that of iPhone. Map feature of Weather Channel’s free app serves the purpose on all aspects of weather predictions for BlackBerry mobile phone.

What blackberry apps similar to iPhone apps you like most?
Share: iPhone App Updated!!

An update of the app iPhone has been launched recently for iPhone 4 and 3GS handsets.

Simply upload your favorite videos and pictures on your mobile phone and broadcast them live to by hitting a red button. You can share exciting videos of your birthday party with your friends and relatives by a simple click of the button. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed for sharing photos, videos, pictures. You can carry on with animated discussions with your contacts while the video show is in progress on your mobile.

Your iPhone’s front facing camera and flash supports these kinds of lively conversations. You can save all your broadcasts and view them leisurely offline or enjoy with kids while on your way to a picnic spot. The video broadcasts are of high quality and reliability. 3G and Wi-Fi networks support broadcasts. The app is a thorough family entertainment while on the go. for iPhone Features:
  • Simple, one-click broadcasting interface. Just click the big red button
  • Broadcast and share instantly on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Chat with friends in real-time within the application, while broadcasting
  • Support for iPhone 4 front-facing camera and flash
  • Broadcast on 3G or WiFi with smooth video and clear audio
  • Broadcasts saved to watch later automatically
  • Watch any stream live on 3G or WiFi
  • Push notifications when someone you follow goes live
  • Browse live video with categories and filters
Download for iPhone from iTunes.

Android vs Apple iOS Market Share!

There are several branded smartphones such as Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung’s Galaxy S, Windows Phone 7, available in the market. Apple ‘s iPhone is no doubt the leader in the industry supported by an awesome 250,000 applications of its own. The next position is occupied by Google’s Android mobile phones supported by 100,000 applications developed in-house.

Apple’s iOS has a huge 56% of market share and Android commands an impressive market share of 25% presently. According to market experts, Apple’s iOS based devices are sold at the rate of 230,000 units per day whereas Android phones are sold at the rate of 200,000 units per day.

As far as the trend is concerned Apple’s market share has declined by a significant 11% this year while Android devices recorded increase in market share by over 40% this year compared to last year. The growth rate for Android family of devices is amazing.

Samasung Galaxy Tab Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab.JPGHere is good news for Tablet PC lovers, Samsung’s maiden Galaxy Tablet computer has been launched. This tablet runs on the marvelous Android 2.2 platform. The sleek Tab presents an elegant design with a huge 7” capacitive Touch Screen display with multi touch support. The attractive device weighs just 380 grams which is less than a pound and enables the user to carry it everywhere without any extra effort. The mobile Tab with a 1 GHz processor powers the Android 2.2 Froyo with a custom Samsung user interface comfortably for its amazing performance. Salient factors of the Tablet PC are listed here under.
  • 2 GB internal memory
  • 16 GB preinstalled SD expandable to 32 GB
  • Supports Adobe Flash 10.1
  • HD video recording and playback
  • Home screen customization with neat arrangement of widgets of your heart delight so that by simple clicks you can run those programs
  • 3 megapixel primary camera with LED flash renders auto focus and top quality video pictures easy
  • A front facing 1.3 MP camera enhances video calling so that you are able to engage in animated discussion with your clients face to face without the need for a visit client’s office
  • Integrated email with Gmail & MS Exchange active sync
  • Google services including Google Map, Latitude, Places and Google Maps Navigation
  • Enhanced 16.9 TFT with WSVGA display 1024 x 600 resolution enables you to see bright colorful videos and movies on the wide screen
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard with SWYPE technology makes it possible to type with one continuous finger motion
  • You can read every book of your liking happily with Android’s versatile apps like Kindle eReader or listen to favorite songs from variety of radio stations or enjoy movies of your choice while traveling.
With this amazing features Samsung Galaxy S is definitely a worth buy provided its price is lesser than iPad.

20 Best HTC EVO 4G Applications

Are you a proud owner of HTC EVO 4G mobile phone? Here are 20 mighty apps for your HTC EVO 4G.

Advance Task Killer Free – With this app you will be able to close several applications running in the background on your phone. Normally it takes considerable time to close all these applications. By a simple click this app closes all applications in a second. This means saving in battery power and megabytes.

Google Goggle – As the name implies this app enables visual search of everything while on the go. Other features include
  • Quick translation of texts in several languages
  • Commodity search using barcode scan
ShopSavvy – This is a free app with bar code scan feature. Find out product price in local shops as well as online stores. Make use of reviews of retailers and price bandwidth filters to shortlist product comparison. Pick up the best deal and save valuable time and money.

Aldiko – This is an e-reader app. The wide screen of your HTC EVO mobile could be fully exploited to open and read texts of different formats. Other features include
  • Virtual shelf for staking books
  • Optimized light for day and night reading
  • Access to freely available as well as on-sale books
Double Twist – This cute app integrates files of your desktop computer with your mobile phone. This is also a media player and you can access music, videos and pictures while on the go.

Mobile Defense – Mobile Defense is the app to explore the whereabouts of your lost handset. Precious data, passwords etc., are locked remotely to prevent access by others. Data is wiped out if the phone is not traceable.

The Weather Channel – This beautiful free app renders weather in your neighborhood and other places around the globe. You can get weather report on hourly basis, next ten days, etc. Plan your trips and other family events safely.

Homerun Battle 3D – This is a fun game app involving high quality comics. The game with multiple levels has superb graphics to spice up the players.

Sirius XM Radio – This free popular app encompasses 120 radio stations with streaming music. Features of the app include
  • You can listen to a station and get to know the programs in other stations simultaneously
  • You can classify your favorites for easy access
  • Upload music or discussion in the background
App Brain – Out of the 100,000 android apps, you can filter the spam and segregate the quality ones with this brainy app. You can access reviews and mark your preference of apps which can be downloaded subsequently.


Adobe Reader – This is a wonderful app for handling PDF documents with all their functions like copy, paste, move, edit, review, add, delete, update, zoom, etc.

NYTimes App – This free hot news app lets you read Breaking News, Top Stories, hot debates, etc., along with vivacious videos, pictures and music on your mobile phone. You are enabled to bookmark, share with contacts and cache for offline reading your favorite topics.

Dolphin Browser HD – This is a mobile browser with useful features like
  • Syncs with Google services
  • Export bookmarks
  • Visible tabs – As the name implies this app enables you to watch popular TV shows as full episodes or part clippings. You have access to CNET, CW or CBS News, Sports channels. It provides an interesting pastime when you travel without any company.

EasyNote – When you go on business tour or when you pack stuff for a picnic, etc., you need to make a list of things to carry, jobs to do with priority and items to pack. This app renders these lists and helps you with a reminder and a screen saver. You are able to keep track of pending jobs and monitor progress.

AP Mobile – This app gets you global news on the basis of category and location. You can
  • Access headlines
  • Access photos, videos, articles
  • Save and share with your friends
Files Anywhere – This free app is a great boon for business people on the go frequently. It enables you to access all your files on your desktop and you can do all your office work while travelling. Normal file functions are enabled by this app.

Fring – This app is for chatter boxes. It enables video and audio calls through Skype with your friends and relatives. Use of front facing camera for Skype calls adds spice to the chat. The app supports IM, Google, MSN, AIM, etc.

LaunchPro – This free app customizes home screen of your mobile to suit your taste. Other features include multi touch personalization, SMS, contacts, etc.
  • Multi touch personalization
  • Animated screen
Dropbox Anywhere – This nice app synchronizes files between your laptop / desktop computer and handset. This enables the following options while you are on the move.
  • Sharing
  • Search
  • View
Just search for the apps in Android market to download.

Download WorldMate Travel itinerary Android app

Here is good news for globe trotters, WorldMate has launched its excellent travel app for Android platform. The app is already available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, etc., phones. You can download this free app after completing simple sign up formalities. The app has numerous useful features for frequent travelers on the go. Some of the important features of the app
  • Itinerary planning
  • Travel alerts for flights
  • Flight status updates
  • Direction to local destinations (through links to Google Maps)
  • Hotel reservations
  • Currency convertor
  • Weather forecasts
The Personal Assistant feature of the app enables you to keep up to date and on time with all your flights, travel bookings and business meetings directly on your Android mobile phone.

To download the app, search for it in Android market or scan the following code with your barcode reader:
worldmate qr android app.jpg

15 iPhone Apps for Better Career

Apart from entertainment, iPhone apps also provide assistance for building up your career. Here are 15 remarkable apps to boost your career opportunities and growth.

Job Finder Apps:

High Paying Jobs
– This app enables you to search for jobs with fabulous pay from its huge database through your iPhone. It connects you to popular sites like Monster, Dice, etc. You can also
  • Review different companies
  • Find jobs with high salary and benefits as per your specifications
CareerBuilder – This free app enables you search for job from your current location. You can find jobs using keywords to maintain secrecy. You can
  • Read job description and salary
  • Save job to your list of favorites
Indeed – This app allows you to
  • Search jobs
  • Save searches
  • Email job postings
Layoff News – With this app you will get faster news about layoff in different companies in your location so that you can plan your next job well in advance.

Job Compass – This free app uses location feature to find jobs within a specific radius from your place at lightning speed. You can contact job provider, send email and apply for job straight from your iPhone.

TechCareers – This is a premier career community app for IT and engineering professionals. It provides user with access to top tier technical and engineering career websites across the world.

Organizer Apps:

Organizer Lite
– With this app you can write text, create diagram, record & play voice memos, etc., on your iPhone. It is a perfect organizing tool to manage your daily schedule, to- do list or diary.

Pageonce – This app enables you to check all your financial accounts, personal and business, on the go. Review interest, update your accounts and plan your future strategy.

Evernote – The app lets you create notes, snap shots, etc., and syncs them with your laptop, desktop and websites so that you can access them from anywhere.

Smart ToDo – This efficient organizer app lets you do multiple jobs fixing the priorities. Make a long list of official and personal pending points and tackle them all easily.

Bump – This app uses location based technology and Wi-Fi network to connect two iPhones easily. You can share
  • Contacts
  • Videos
  • Calendar events
  • Social networks
Smart Approach Apps:

Business Building Secrets
– This app enables you to gain expertise, formulate strategies and provides tips & tricks to develop your business. You can access 100 tried, tested and true business building strategies.

Intelligent Investing by Forbes – This consists of a series of feature stories and video conversations with the business world’s most reputed minds. Watch interviews with luminaries and read articles and discussions on current investment plans.

Networking Apps:

– You can chat with IM and social networks in landscape mode with your iPhone. Call your buddies for free chat over Wi-Fi. Broadcast your life with personal message. App supports Skype, Yahoo, GTalk, Facebook, MSN, etc.

Beam Me – This free app enables you to exchange business cards on your iPhone. Send your personal business cards through your handset to any mobile or computer. Your new friend can add your details to his address book and you can also do the same thing.

To download any of the above apps, just search for them in iTunes and download it.

HTC Desire HD and Desire Z to be launched in October!

HTC Desire HD and Desire ZHTC will launch its 2 new Android smartphones, Desire HD and Desire Z in october. Desire HD is similar to HTC EVO 4G except for the 4G connectivity. Desire Z is similar to T-Mobile G2.

Salient features of Desire HD

  • Bright 4.3” LCD display
  • Dolby Mobile and SRS Virtual sound
  • Powered by 1 GHz Qualcomm 8255 Snap dragon processor
  • Enables 720 p HD recording
  • Includes 8-megapixel camera with dual flash
  • Outstanding multimedia content
  • Solid aluminum handset
  • HSAP+ radio and new Sense UI
  • Call contacts and check emails fast using HTC Fast Boot mat
Desire Z is ideal for those with a large friends circle, stay connected with colleagues and customers through Facebook and Twitter networks. Its QWERTY keyboard enables fast and easy typing with a variety of shortcuts. The handset has a 3.7” display and 800 MHz Qualcomm 7230 processor. Other features are the same as Desire HD handset.

Both the phones are likely to hit the market in October 2010.

6 Promising Games for Windows Phone 7!

Microsoft has unleashed 63 stunning games for Windows Phone 7 to be launched. 6 of the enchanting games are showcased here:

Little Wheel – In this strange and fun filled game you have to activate a power generator which ran out suddenly shutting off your entire city 10,000 years ago. The impediments and challenges you encounter with the time gap make the game interesting with a pleasing background music.

Jet Car Stunts – This is a racing game created by True Axis. You have to push speed to the limits without coasting off the course or destroying your vehicle at a high speed impact. Game features simple controls like
  • Accelerator
  • Tilt to steer
  • Handbrake
  • On screen button for brake
  • Jet engine for speed boost
Advanced graphics and spectacular sound effect turn you to a Schumacher!

Castlevania – This game is about vampire hunters who join hands to drive away Dracula to his eternal slumber. The game features
  • 6 players online co-op
  • Combo attack system
  • Classic medieval background
  • Ghost mode
  • Classic 2D gaming
Fruit Ninja – Splash and splatter delicious fruits across the screen swiping your fingers swiftly as a true Ninja warrior in a battle field. Be careful, deceptive bombs in shape of fruits may ruin your juicy adventure. If you perform well, you will be followed by wise men Ninja Sensei who will provide fun fruit facts apart from wise advice on your journey. In short it is a thoroughly enjoyable messiest game.

I dig it – In this game you need to control a high- tech machine to dig out minerals, precious gems, fossils, etc., from underground and sell them to pay back your mortgage and save your farm house. Interesting features of the game are
  • 60 unique items to be unearthed
  • 6 areas of upgrades of your machine
  • 5 mini- game challenges
Crackdown 2 – Project Sunburst - This is a X-box live enabled game that takes ideas and weapons from Crackdown 2 and sets them against the backdrop of the real world using Bing maps. The ultimate goal is a Sunburst device, a super weapon, which connects you with your friends for domination.

Hope all these much anticipated games fare well for windows mobile 7.


iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S Best Phone?

iphone 4 vs galaxy s.Apple’s iPhone was the first of its kind to hit the market. Today a number of branded makes of smartphones with amazing applications are available in the market. Each brand has its own unique selling points catering to certain customer-specific features. Let us try to showcase the comparative features of iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone.

Attributes: iPhone 4 vs Galaxy S :

Physical Aspects:
  • Display: 3.5” LED of iPhone 4 vs 4” Super AMOLED display for Galaxy S.
  • Weight: 137 gms. of iPhone 4 vs 121 gms of Galaxy S.
  • Thickness: 9.3 mm of iPhone 4 vs 9.9 mm of Galaxy S.
  • Design: Scratch proof optical glass with stainless steel band of iPhone 4 vs Smooth and curvy sides of Galaxy S.
  • Storage: 16.32 GB of iPhone 4 vs 16 GB of Galaxy S.
  • OS: Apple’s own iOS4 vs Google Android 2.1
  • Camera: Both has 5 megapixel camera
Battery life:
  • Talk time: 7 hours of iPhone 4 vs 7.8 hours of Galaxy S.
  • Standby Talk time: 300 hours of iPhone 4 vs 490 hours of Galaxy S.
  • Design: Built-in battery of iPhone 4 vs Removable battery of Galaxy S.
Applications: 200,000 iPhone apps vs 100,000 Android apps

The table above highlights major differences in design aspects, physical appearance, technical specification and accessories available in iPhone 4 and Galaxy S mobile phones. Striking features of the smartphones can be listed as under.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy is sleeker with a broader display and light weight on physical aspects. However, iPhone 4’s scratch proof glass front becomes more user- friendly.
  • Samsung scores over iPhone with longer life for battery. In addition, removal feature of the battery enables easy maintenance and service which is totally missing in respect of Apple’s iPhone 4.
  • In respect of applications, Galaxy S stands miles away from iPhone 4 with a strong backup of 200,000 apps, all from Apple’s own store. Samsung heavily depends on Google for Android apps.
  • As regards Operating System iPhone is supported by Apple’s own iOS4 platform. Here again, Samsung has to depend on Google for Android platform.
Looking at the overall features and performance figures, iPhone is the stronger player at present.

Starbucks Card Mobile App for BlackBerry Phones

Good news for BlackBerry owners, get your triple venti sugar-free, non-fat, no-foam coffee using Starbucks card mobile app without the fear of checking the cash balance in your Starbucks card. The new app can be downloaded on your BlackBerry for free for the first time and needs to be refilled with money as in the case of any credit card.

The app has been developed exclusively for BlackBerry platform; the different features of the app can be accessed using key-based menu on your BlackBerry handset unlike touch-based one utilized for iPhone.

With this app you can
  • Register your Starbucks purchase card
  • Locate Starbucks in the neighborhood
  • Check your balance
  • Track points earned towards free beverage
  • Reload Starbucks card account with major credit cards
In short this app helps the user to save money, access Starbucks card and MyStarbucks Reward details direct from your handset while on the go.

BlackBerry 8800, 8820; BlackBerry Bold 9000, 9650, 9700; BlackBerry Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i, 8520, 8530, 8900; BlackBerry Storm 9530; BlackBerry Storm2 9550; BlackBerry Tour 9630.

For more information about the app visit HERE.

5 Android Video Player Applications

Check out the 5 android applications for playing video on your android smartphone Droid, Galaxy-S, Droid X etc.

Cinema – This is a free video player app. It has no buttons; functions like play/pause/ forward/rewind are controlled by mere gestures of the hand. Saved spot feature of the app enables you to watch movies from where you stopped them the previous occasion. The app uses hardware decoder and hence it is limited to the support of h.264 with .mp4 and .3gp formats.

Meridian Player – This free app for Android platform is an all-in-one audio and video player. Apart from playing audio and video files the app’s spectacular features include
  • Movie subtitles
  • Files rating
  • Searching for lyrics to songs
  • Controlling app using gestures
MixZing – This app is a music player for Android phones for free. It features
  • Number of presets like flat, bass boost, treble boost, etc. You can also customize your presets
  • Level setting for specific song, album of the song or the entire MP3 collection
  • Automatic search & download of artist information, albums, playlists, songs
  • Enables playing songs in other formats like M4A
  • Housekeeping of music collection made easy and simple
  • Can be set to download missing artwork
  • Allows change of name of songs
Video Player – This free video player app is stored on the SD card of Android mobile. File should be MPEG4 or 3GPP encoded. Features include
  • Listing videos
  • Simple tapping enables video playing functions like play, pause, etc.
  • Lacks advanced features like playlists, video searching lyrics, tagging, shuffle, repeat, etc.
Act 1 Video Player – This app is the best player for video media on your SD card. You can play a wide variety of video formats. The controls of the app are simple and it supports Bluetooth media keys. The drawback of the app is lack of play list support.
Apart from the players that are mentioned above, I use Vital Player and arcMedia on my Android phone, which are free apps and plays almost any file using software codecs.

Download this apps by searching them on the Android market on your mobile.

12 Free Xperia X10 Android Games

Android has several exciting free games apps for your Xperia X 10 mobile handset. Showcased here 12 of the glorious games.

Speed Forge 3D Demo - Your goal is to beat your opponents to the finish line within the shortest time in this game. Use the phone’s accelerometer to control the craft. Features include
3 vehicles, 6 tracks, 3 levels, Realistic physics simulation

Papa Stacker Lite – In this interesting game you have to stack up cute shapes in a stable manner to stand for 10 seconds. Drag the stack by touching the screen and park it its place. There are different levels to challenge your skill. Awesome graphics and sound effects add to the fun.

WordUp – In this word - building fun game, using a grid of lettered dice you have to find the words in a sequence of adjacent letters. Make more words and get more points within the time stipulated.

Air Hockey Demo
– In this game you have to outscore your opponent with fast reaction and skill. Use your handset touch screen to guide your paddle to hit the puck and defend your goal. There are 3 skill levels and 4 game modes with amazing graphics.

BlowUp (Lite) – This game is to test your blowing up skill without being bombarded. Using bombs raze sky rise buildings. Tilt your handset to turn left or right to escape falling objects. It is awesome to watch collapse of buildings with real physics.

Labyrinth Lite –You have to control a steel ball in the labyrinth by tilting your handset suitably. There are three skill levels – wooden, garden and caramel. The skill level has now crossed the 1000 mark. This wonder game has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Raging Thunder 2 Lite – Environment full of characters and vibrant graphics enhance the quality in this arcade-style 3D racing game. Game features
  • 5 single player modes
  • Car customization
Abduction – This game is about your adventure to the space to rescue friends captured by aliens. Using tiles you can climb up and move across tilting your phone. Scores of challenges and risk levels add spice and fun.

Light Racer 3D basic – This is a futuristic motorcycle race with risky twists and turns with 3D graphics and sound effects. Enjoy your drive with a sense of thrill when you over-speed and try to beat the campaign.

Space Physics – This is a puzzle game marked by astounding physics. Anything you hand write comes alive in this world of magic, they become real physical objects. Do you need a limousine? Simply draw one and it can drive by itself. This is a nice fantasy game with loads of graphics.

Cestos Full – This app offers a wide range of variants for the popular marbles game. The game is made absorbing and addictive with features like
  • Multiple modes
  • Ranking system
  • Customizable avatars
Shoot U (Lite)- This is a hand-drawing style physics fun game. Your task is simple, shoot the Lilliput guy to the stars. Excellent graphics, multiple skill levels add spice to this mind boggling game.

Just search for the above games in android market and download them free of cost.

Intelli-Diet iPhone App, your Preferred Food Diet App

A new iPhone app, Intelli-Diet, takes a novel route to healthier eating than that of other diet apps. Instead of prescribing what you should eat, it finds out your preferred food and then recommends 3 meals and 2 snacks based on your food preference on a day.
The app does a scientific job. It takes these inputs from you
  • Starting weight
  • Target weight
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Age
  • Activity level
  • Rate of weight loss preferred
  • Food preferences
Based on the above the app calculates daily menu with a view for balanced nutritious food within the calorie limits. If you do not like the menu, the app provides alternatives if your hit the “Refresh” button.
Intelli-Diet iPhone AppThe recommended food is healthy but may not be tasty because the app provides ingredients or food to be eaten without any information on preparation of the recipes.

Foodies may have reservation to follow the diet while body builders and gym bugs will adore this plan.

Get the app from iTunes for $1.99


T-Mobile myTouch HD Launching soon!

T-Mobile myTouch HD
T- Mobile’s brand new myTouch HD, now awaiting launch, is being given the finishing touch. In the mean time leaked documents proclaim that the phone belongs to the high end category with HSPA+ connectivity. Some of the fascinating features of this handset include
  • Touch Screen 3.8”
  • Memory 4 GB
  • Camera 5 megapixel rear-facing with autofocus
  • SD card 8 GB
  • VGA front facing camera supported by Qik and Yahoo Messenger
The phone works on Android platform. The handset incorporates an advanced feature ‘Genius’ button in place of Android’s search button.

T-Mobile claims that myTouch HD is designed for America’s first and largest 4G network. It is a known fact that T-Mobile released recently its G1 Blaze mobile phone which is compatible with G2 Networks. It is anticipated that the launch of the new handset myTouch HD will follow soon. The release date and the price factors are big secrets right now.

7 Productivity Apps For Your iPhone

iPhone apps are numerous. Some of them improve productivity in your official as well as personal life to a great extent. Showcased here are 7 of the amazing apps.

Billings Touch – This is a professional invoicing app. It helps you to calculate your time involved in specific projects for billing clients. With this app you can
  • Send invoices to clients
  • Get alerts on overdue invoices
Mileage allowance and other expenses are also supported.

Air Sharing – This app enables centralized location for storage of your documents in your iPhone. With Wi-Fi connection, transfer iPhone folders by drag & drop method onto Air Sharing folder on your PC. You can store your documents and retrieve them on your iPhone quickly.

reQall – This app acts as a reminder service for your busy schedule of meetings by text or voice. The app enables you to
  • Prepare to-do lists
  • Reminds your time schedule
  • Reminds you about the venue
Team Viewer – With this magic app you can control your PC from your iPhone through Wi-Fi connections or internet. You can control mouse of PC with iPhone touch screen. You can also carry out operations such as zoom, drag, etc on your remote desktop.

Instapaper – Normally you postpone reading voluminous documents to a later date wherein you have to download the documents many times wasting money on bytes. In such cases you need to install Instapaper app. The app adds a bookmark to mobile Safari. You can open the bulky documents in Safari and select Instapaper bookmark to save it. Your document is saved on your iPhone for reading offline later.

Dragon Dictation – Speak on your iPhone in English and pat comes its French translation text on the screen within seconds thanks to this fantastic app. This app cannot work on 2G version of iPhone.

Awesome Note –This is a wonderful app you can easily and quickly organize your life better than ever. It combines a variety of features like to-do, check list and diary notes in a single app. With Calendar view you to record daily activity, tasks, ideas, etc., throughout your day.

Hope with these iPhone apps, you increased your productivity.

Samsung GT-i8700 Windows Phone 7 Releasing next month!

Microsoft has planned to release its prestigious Windows Phone 7 by October 11. With the technological advancements, companies like HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell and Asus are likely to launch their Windows Phone 7 devices and smartphones by end of this year. Images of forthcoming handsets of these companies have been leaked already. Samsung GT-i8700 is the Windows Phone 7 device that will originate from the house of Samsung and it is amazing and attractive as seen from the leaked snapshots.

Samsung GT i8700 has not been assigned a code name at present and it has a superior look compared to its previous Windows Phone version. The leaked image features
  • Touchscreen display 3.7” to 4.0”
  • 8 GB storage
  • 1.0 GHz Processor
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash support
Market watchers feel that this handset will become more popular and successful in the festival season.

As regards Microsoft, they may launch their Smartphone in Italy, which is an advanced mobile market, before focusing on US market.


Spinballs, a Colorful Puzzle Game for iPhone/iPad

Spinballs is a colorful puzzle game. This time-sensitive game consists of 7 big discs each filled with colorful balls. You have to rotate the big discs in clockwise or anti clockwise direction suitably so that balls of the same color line up. Press a button at the bottom of the mobile phone screen to make matched color balls disappear and you earn points.
spinballs iPhoneYou are provided with help lines for sorting balls of same color, clear the field, slow down the game time, etc. With these help lines plan your strategy to maximize your points to reach challenging higher levels to have more fun.

Matching gets harder as you reach higher levels of the game and the time for completion also will be less.

The game features
  • Superb graphics and wonderful visual effects
  • Pleasing background music and sound effects
This unique addictive short game is at most suited for bus ride from office to residence in short duration.

Get Spinballs for iPhone/ iPad from HERE.

Gwiggle iPhone app Keeps Track about your Child

Gwiggle is a iPhone app which records milestone events in your child’s life with photographs in a comprehensive manner. Right from day one, the app keeps track of our baby’s growth process in all facets and records them systematically complete with snapshots to cherish the sweet memories in later years.

The fabulous features of the app include the following.
  • Day 1 contains Name, Horoscope sign, etc.
  • Dr. Gwiggle covers List of doctors attending to the child, contact details, next appointment, dates of vaccination, etc.
  • Photos - You can take photographs of your child directly from the app and put a beautiful frame also. Description of photos, dates and events are also recorded.
  • Bubbles – Milestone events are saved in a bubble format with date and time
  • Steps – Events like Tooth fairy, growth chart, family tab, etc. find place in this record.
  • You love to maintain these exciting happenings in the life of your tiny tot and present them when he grows up!
Gwiggle iPhone App
Get Gwiggle iPhone App from iTunes for just $0.99

Download Nokia Ovi Browser for Series 40 Phones

Nokia is getting ready to launch the new Ovi Browser for internet. Beta version of this software is already working on Nokia’s Series 40 feature phones. This web kit based desktop internet browser has been optimized for the use of Ovi services which covers close integration with Ovi Store, direct access to Ovi Calendar, friends, mail and other Ovi services. Ovi Browser, like Opera Mini, compresses and optimizes HTML code to save data costs for the mobile users.

The browser does most of the functions of its other counterparts like Apple, Google, Firefox, Microsoft and Opera. Nokia pushes this app in its Series 40 mobile phones as a built-in feature for all its clients. The company focuses its attention on the vast emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc., in addition to European and US markets for selling applications of this type.

The new Browser is available to download on popular Nokia Series 40 phones including: 2700 Classic, 2730 Classic, 3120 Classic, 3600 Slide, 5130 XpressMusic, 5220 Xpressmusic, 5310 XpressMusic, 5330 Mobile TV Edition, 5330 Xpressmusic, 5610, 6300i, 6303, 6500 Slide, 6500 Classic, 6600 Slide, 6700 Classic, 7210 Supernova, 7900 Prism and X3.

Download OVI Browser Here

Best HTC HD2 Mobile Games

Several fascinating games are available for HTC HD2 windows mobile. Some of the best game apps are discussed here.

Hunting – This is essentially a tower defending game set in the Stone Age. The people were barbarians surrounded by jungles and wild animals. They fought with bows & arrows and missiles. As the Commander of a tribe how well you resist enemy attack to defend your fort is the theme of the game. Maps, multi-layer co-op mode (Blue Tooth/ Regional Network) add modern flavor to this game.

Resco Brain Games 2009 – This brain training game is the largest growing segment with 44 games in 4 major categories and different challenging levels with a finger friendly user interface. The games keep you totally absorbed and spellbound with the following classifications.
  • Calculations
  • Memory
  • Analysis
  • Attention
Xtrakt – This is a free futuristic game. You are on a motorbike in a futuristic town where strange red robots run/fly around. You have a gun for shooting these enemies. You have to control your bike and simultaneously attack the robots. Power ups and ramps enable you to perform acrobatics to make the game spicier. The controls are simple and easy. The graphics are superb and the background sound is good.

Pocket Lemmings – This freeware has been a popular puzzle game for a long time. You have to help the cute but stupid little creatures to cross gaping valleys, overcome obstacles and bypass dangerous traps. There are 120 varying levels of skill.

Electopia – This is a graphically advanced action adventure game. You have to defend a robot that has crash-landed on an island due to ship-wreck from other killer robots of the island. Major features include
  • Beautiful and charming graphics
  • Fast action game play with simple and accurate touch control
  • Inventive magnetic and electrical weapons
Picranium – This is a puzzle game similar to minesweeper. You have to identify correct blocks to build the picture. This is purely a logic game with a mix of Sudoku. At higher levels larger grids are required and the game becomes more complicated.

Resco Snake – This is a snake game. You have to control a snake using accelerometer of your phone and fruits and other snakes. There are 24 levels with different themes, 4 seasons and 3 gradually increasing difficulty levels.

Experiment 13 – This is a puzzle game in a novel environment. You have to make a weird guy go through different worlds. You have to solve puzzles one after the other for supporting this guy. Main features of the game
  • There are 9 worlds and 5 stages per world
  • 45 levels of challenges
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Innovative controls
Meon – This is a logic puzzle game. You have to direct beams of light, the right colors in the right targets. Light splitters, mirrors, filters, prism, etc., help you to achieve your goal. The game has more than 120 levels of increasing complexities. The graphics are moderate.

To download this games for HTC HD2 just search for them in the windows marketplace.

MeeGo Handset UX Build on Nokia N900


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