10 Android Games You Must Have!

Android has released countless apps for mobile users.  Here are 10 of the outstanding games app from Android.

Replica Island – In this cute game Professor Kabochanomizu needs you to help him.  You are a small green robot created by him for feel-to-locate a mysterious artifact on a bizarre island.  Armed with rockets you have to fly, stomp and roll your way through 40 challenging levels with 3 unique endings.

Frozen Bubble – This is a highly addictive game wherein you have to knock the frozen bubbles down by forming clusters of 3 or more bubbles.  Instead of the existing wide screen mode, tall screen mode would have been better for this Bubble Babble like fun game.

Nesoid Lite – This is a lite version of Nesoid, the famous NES/FC emulator for Android.  It is an excellent emulator.  The controls are bit difficult and you should get used to them.    The free version does not save this game for your mobile phone. 

Jewels – In this remake of the well known Bejeweled game, you have to play against your friend or the computer.  You will enjoy the 3D graphics.  The game runs for a very short time.  Single player mode is also added to this game.

Raging Thunder Lite – This is a thrilling tyre burning car race game with great graphics.  The game features
·         One level single or multi players
·         Upgrades and repairs
A nice creative environment enhances the atmosphere and track design.

Age of Conquest Lite – This freeware app is suited for players who take lots of risk with complex game experience.  This single player turn-based strategy game works in the medieval backdrop.  As a warrior you will direct your troops to conquer Europe.  

Gearoid Lite – This is a lite version of Gearoid, the SEGA master system / Game Gear emulator for Android.      The free version cannot be saved on your mobile phone.  Control is rendered easy with just two buttons, speed and sound.

Mystique Chapter 1 by Bendroid – This is a horror puzzle game with a perfect blend of 3D modeling and animation.  Locked in a bloody bathroom you have to explore you escape route.  Marvelous graphics enhance the mystery surrounding the entire episode.

RoboDefense Free – This is probably the ultimate experience in tower defense.  The app is characterized by
·         Open maps
·         Upgradable towers
·         Stat upgrades
·         Achievements
·         Outstanding graphics
This free version features 1 map and 11 difficult levels.

SpeedForge 3D – This is a futuristic racing game.  Residents of Mars race their speeding hovercrafts for fun.  You are also flying in a floating car and shoot at the aliens to protect yourself.  You have to tilt your handset to steer right or left and it takes time to learn this technique.  It is an exciting game which takes all your time.
Hope you liked these 10 amazing games for Android Phones. To download any of the above app, just search for it in Android market on your mobile.

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