10 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

Augmented Reality adds information and meaning to real objects viewed through live camera of the iPhone. The fascinating apps which incorporate augmented reality enable you to identify environment friendly locations for a better living. 10 such apps are showcased here:

WorkSnug – This app for iPhone helps you to find the best place in the city for you to sit and work; the place may be a small coffee shop or library with good internet connection and decent working area. When you search your surroundings with iPhone, WorkSnug superimposes comments on screen like ‘cafĂ© is warm with inviting atmosphere’, etc.

SunSeeker – With this app the level of sunlight incident on portions of your home garden can be assessed. The data will be helpful for the following.
  • Architects can design orientation of homes
  • Location of gardens and landscaping
  • Location of solar panels
Layar – With this app you can view things around your neighborhood. The browser displays real time digital information on the camera screen of your mobile phone. Pick up a layer on the screen, you can see houses for sale, bars & shops, subway stations and tourist spots.

NearestWiki – With this app you get to know your surroundings with the phone camera. Simultaneously it brings in content from Wikipedia superimposed on places for identification. This is best suited for beginners as it does not mess around with extra features. The edit option to Wikipedia enables you to add and update contents.

See Breeze – Useful app for wind watchers like cyclist, wind mill operators and surfers. Direction of wind in your locality including weather report will be helpful for the right action.

Bionic Eye – This app guides you from place to place in all US cities without any local assistance. You can locate
  • Nearby Starbucks
  • Subway station
  • Environmental friendly restaurants
  • Tourist spots
London Tube – This interesting app allows you to identify location of tube stations, train timings and destinations in London city. The value added services include location of
  • Cafeteria
  • Public and bicycle transport nearby
  • Service levels in different tube segments
Iodestone – This wonderful app makes use of Google Map and Wikipedia for locating places. Apart from your current location and things in your neighborhood, you can find the following details.
  • Elevation of local mountains
  • Height corresponding to your current position
  • Places nearby with snapshots and narration
Cyclopedia – This app uses iPhone camera, compass, GPS along with Wikipedia data to see things around you within a radius of 30 miles from your current location. By moving the iPhone you can see buildings, libraries, museums, cafeteria, etc., pop up in the direction you move. You can also geotag green articles to Wikipedia.

New York Nearest Subway – This amazing app is compatible with Google Map. It indicates the nearest station from your current location in New York city and gives directions to reach there. As you walk a pop up indicates the distance continuously with updates.

Download these apps from iTunes. Hope you enjoyed these 10 Augmented Reality iPhone Apps.

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