10 iPhone Apps for Nature Lovers!

For the nature lovers in you here are 10 top iPhone apps to assist you on your way.

iBird – For birdwatchers the app provides valuable information on birds on your iPhone while on the go without the need to carry bulky handbooks and maps.
  • Bird pictures
  • Major identification factors
  • Songs and call records
This app is free for 15 common birds in US.

ParkMaps – Imagine you are on Smoky Mountains on a drive. This app provides GPS enabled maps from which you are able to assess distance travelled, time, speed and elevation. You can trace your path and review overall performance.

Star Walk – The sky is on your mobile with this direction sensitive app. You can view
  • Constellation
  • Stars and planets with details
  • Night sky clearly
Audubon Trees – It is similar to an encyclopedia and provides details on trees such as
  • Name
  • Family
  • Photos
From the shape of leaves or tree you will be able to identify the tree.

Army Survival – This is a life saving app for the adventurer in you. Identification of wild animals, poisonous snakes, method of striking fire, etc., are explained for your safeguard and survival.

Chirp! USA Lite – This free app is a bird song trainer. Select birds in any part of USA, you can sort chirping sparrow, purple Marlin, etc., by
  • Name
  • Song style
  • Picture
  • Unique tweets
AccuTerra – If you are climbing Yosemite Mountains, AccuTerra gets the entire set of maps with GPS coordinates to your iPhone. As a hiker you can
  • Trace your path with markers
  • Review distance, time, speed & altitude
Coleman Lantern – Torch light for your route. The free app provides variety of light sources. Pick up your favorite and adjust light intensity. Watch out, it guzzles battery power.

Butterfly collection – This awesome app provides a colorful collection of butterflies indexed properly. Pick up your liking for a closer view with animation and useful information.

Scats & Tracks - On your trail when you come across footprints of bears, wolves, etc., and scats of different shapes – spherical, long, etc., this app gives clues about those animals, birds and reptil.

Hope you liked these 10 interesting iPhone Apps. Share the natural app you use most using comments section.

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