12 Free Xperia X10 Android Games

Android has several exciting free games apps for your Xperia X 10 mobile handset. Showcased here 12 of the glorious games.

Speed Forge 3D Demo - Your goal is to beat your opponents to the finish line within the shortest time in this game. Use the phone’s accelerometer to control the craft. Features include
3 vehicles, 6 tracks, 3 levels, Realistic physics simulation

Papa Stacker Lite – In this interesting game you have to stack up cute shapes in a stable manner to stand for 10 seconds. Drag the stack by touching the screen and park it its place. There are different levels to challenge your skill. Awesome graphics and sound effects add to the fun.

WordUp – In this word - building fun game, using a grid of lettered dice you have to find the words in a sequence of adjacent letters. Make more words and get more points within the time stipulated.

Air Hockey Demo
– In this game you have to outscore your opponent with fast reaction and skill. Use your handset touch screen to guide your paddle to hit the puck and defend your goal. There are 3 skill levels and 4 game modes with amazing graphics.

BlowUp (Lite) – This game is to test your blowing up skill without being bombarded. Using bombs raze sky rise buildings. Tilt your handset to turn left or right to escape falling objects. It is awesome to watch collapse of buildings with real physics.

Labyrinth Lite –You have to control a steel ball in the labyrinth by tilting your handset suitably. There are three skill levels – wooden, garden and caramel. The skill level has now crossed the 1000 mark. This wonder game has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Raging Thunder 2 Lite – Environment full of characters and vibrant graphics enhance the quality in this arcade-style 3D racing game. Game features
  • 5 single player modes
  • Car customization
Abduction – This game is about your adventure to the space to rescue friends captured by aliens. Using tiles you can climb up and move across tilting your phone. Scores of challenges and risk levels add spice and fun.

Light Racer 3D basic – This is a futuristic motorcycle race with risky twists and turns with 3D graphics and sound effects. Enjoy your drive with a sense of thrill when you over-speed and try to beat the campaign.

Space Physics – This is a puzzle game marked by astounding physics. Anything you hand write comes alive in this world of magic, they become real physical objects. Do you need a limousine? Simply draw one and it can drive by itself. This is a nice fantasy game with loads of graphics.

Cestos Full – This app offers a wide range of variants for the popular marbles game. The game is made absorbing and addictive with features like
  • Multiple modes
  • Ranking system
  • Customizable avatars
Shoot U (Lite)- This is a hand-drawing style physics fun game. Your task is simple, shoot the Lilliput guy to the stars. Excellent graphics, multiple skill levels add spice to this mind boggling game.

Just search for the above games in android market and download them free of cost.

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