16 Applications for HTC Touch Pro

Your HTC Touch Pro is an intelligent mobile phone. Add the following great apps will convert it into an intellectual! 16 Great Apps For Your HTC Touch Pro Windows Mobile are:

Google Maps – With this popular app along with GPS available in Touch Pro device, you can
  • Find your current location on map
  • Search maps
  • Locate nearby restaurants
  • Direction to destinations
PdaNet – Enables you to get connected to internet via your mobile. It allows your computer to go online by connecting your phone through Hotsync USB cable or Bluetooth. With certain modifications it enables wireless internet connection to your laptop and desktop.

Sprite Back Up – This app enables back up of data including settings, files, contacts and all other information pertaining to the device memory, internal storage of a computer.

Total Commander v2.0 – This free program is a file manager like Windows Explorer. You can
  • Copy / delete files
  • Pack / unpack files
  • Access flip servers
  • Compare files by content
Flashlight Button – With this app your Windows Mobile can be turned into a powerful torch light.

Diamond TF3D Config - This free app is a very useful tool for all new HTC Touch Phones to enable the following.
  • Change tab positions
  • Change date format
  • Larger format in tab list
  • Remove lock & tweaks
VNC Viewer - This free app can be utilized to control your desktop with your iPAQ. You can control computers running on UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.

SPB Mobile Shell – It is a launcher app. It also enables you to access
  • Agenda screen
  • Weather
  • Contacts
  • Task Manager
  • Better phone applications
Advanced Configuration Tool – This free app allows you to modify easily more than 200 settings on your windows Mobile phone.

SPB Insight
– If you are a frequent traveler, this RSS/ Atom newsreader app lets you keep abreast with all your favorite news and blog sites. You can download news and read it at your convenience offline on the go.

Kevtris 2
– Free game app with scintillating graphics and customizable control of falling blocks.

PHM Registry Editor – Alternative Registry editor for import / export

Spb Pocket Plus
– This most versatile app has the following fascinating features.
  • Turns your Internet Explorer into a full featured web browser
  • The most powerful Today plug-ins
  • Scroll web pages, contacts, emails
  • Weather forecast, World clocks
  • Support of backlight for many new devices updated
Core Player – Mobile media Player app which enables playing of numerous formats of music and videos on your Windows Mobile.

G Mobile Sync – This program enables you to integrate Google Calendar with your mobile set.

G Remote – This app transforms your HTC Touch Pro into a wireless mouse or use with your Windows PC or laptop.

Hope you found some new apps in this 16 apps for your HTC Touch Pro Windows mobile.


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