20 Best HTC EVO 4G Applications

Are you a proud owner of HTC EVO 4G mobile phone? Here are 20 mighty apps for your HTC EVO 4G.

Advance Task Killer Free – With this app you will be able to close several applications running in the background on your phone. Normally it takes considerable time to close all these applications. By a simple click this app closes all applications in a second. This means saving in battery power and megabytes.

Google Goggle – As the name implies this app enables visual search of everything while on the go. Other features include
  • Quick translation of texts in several languages
  • Commodity search using barcode scan
ShopSavvy – This is a free app with bar code scan feature. Find out product price in local shops as well as online stores. Make use of reviews of retailers and price bandwidth filters to shortlist product comparison. Pick up the best deal and save valuable time and money.

Aldiko – This is an e-reader app. The wide screen of your HTC EVO mobile could be fully exploited to open and read texts of different formats. Other features include
  • Virtual shelf for staking books
  • Optimized light for day and night reading
  • Access to freely available as well as on-sale books
Double Twist – This cute app integrates files of your desktop computer with your mobile phone. This is also a media player and you can access music, videos and pictures while on the go.

Mobile Defense – Mobile Defense is the app to explore the whereabouts of your lost handset. Precious data, passwords etc., are locked remotely to prevent access by others. Data is wiped out if the phone is not traceable.

The Weather Channel – This beautiful free app renders weather in your neighborhood and other places around the globe. You can get weather report on hourly basis, next ten days, etc. Plan your trips and other family events safely.

Homerun Battle 3D – This is a fun game app involving high quality comics. The game with multiple levels has superb graphics to spice up the players.

Sirius XM Radio – This free popular app encompasses 120 radio stations with streaming music. Features of the app include
  • You can listen to a station and get to know the programs in other stations simultaneously
  • You can classify your favorites for easy access
  • Upload music or discussion in the background
App Brain – Out of the 100,000 android apps, you can filter the spam and segregate the quality ones with this brainy app. You can access reviews and mark your preference of apps which can be downloaded subsequently.


Adobe Reader – This is a wonderful app for handling PDF documents with all their functions like copy, paste, move, edit, review, add, delete, update, zoom, etc.

NYTimes App – This free hot news app lets you read Breaking News, Top Stories, hot debates, etc., along with vivacious videos, pictures and music on your mobile phone. You are enabled to bookmark, share with contacts and cache for offline reading your favorite topics.

Dolphin Browser HD – This is a mobile browser with useful features like
  • Syncs with Google services
  • Export bookmarks
  • Visible tabs
Tv.com – As the name implies this app enables you to watch popular TV shows as full episodes or part clippings. You have access to CNET, CW or CBS News, Sports channels. It provides an interesting pastime when you travel without any company.

EasyNote – When you go on business tour or when you pack stuff for a picnic, etc., you need to make a list of things to carry, jobs to do with priority and items to pack. This app renders these lists and helps you with a reminder and a screen saver. You are able to keep track of pending jobs and monitor progress.

AP Mobile – This app gets you global news on the basis of category and location. You can
  • Access headlines
  • Access photos, videos, articles
  • Save and share with your friends
Files Anywhere – This free app is a great boon for business people on the go frequently. It enables you to access all your files on your desktop and you can do all your office work while travelling. Normal file functions are enabled by this app.

Fring – This app is for chatter boxes. It enables video and audio calls through Skype with your friends and relatives. Use of front facing camera for Skype calls adds spice to the chat. The app supports IM, Google, MSN, AIM, etc.

LaunchPro – This free app customizes home screen of your mobile to suit your taste. Other features include multi touch personalization, SMS, contacts, etc.
  • Multi touch personalization
  • Animated screen
Dropbox Anywhere – This nice app synchronizes files between your laptop / desktop computer and handset. This enables the following options while you are on the move.
  • Sharing
  • Search
  • View
Just search for the apps in Android market to download.

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