5 Android Video Player Applications

Check out the 5 android applications for playing video on your android smartphone Droid, Galaxy-S, Droid X etc.

Cinema – This is a free video player app. It has no buttons; functions like play/pause/ forward/rewind are controlled by mere gestures of the hand. Saved spot feature of the app enables you to watch movies from where you stopped them the previous occasion. The app uses hardware decoder and hence it is limited to the support of h.264 with .mp4 and .3gp formats.

Meridian Player – This free app for Android platform is an all-in-one audio and video player. Apart from playing audio and video files the app’s spectacular features include
  • Movie subtitles
  • Files rating
  • Searching for lyrics to songs
  • Controlling app using gestures
MixZing – This app is a music player for Android phones for free. It features
  • Number of presets like flat, bass boost, treble boost, etc. You can also customize your presets
  • Level setting for specific song, album of the song or the entire MP3 collection
  • Automatic search & download of artist information, albums, playlists, songs
  • Enables playing songs in other formats like M4A
  • Housekeeping of music collection made easy and simple
  • Can be set to download missing artwork
  • Allows change of name of songs
Video Player – This free video player app is stored on the SD card of Android mobile. File should be MPEG4 or 3GPP encoded. Features include
  • Listing videos
  • Simple tapping enables video playing functions like play, pause, etc.
  • Lacks advanced features like playlists, video searching lyrics, tagging, shuffle, repeat, etc.
Act 1 Video Player – This app is the best player for video media on your SD card. You can play a wide variety of video formats. The controls of the app are simple and it supports Bluetooth media keys. The drawback of the app is lack of play list support.
Apart from the players that are mentioned above, I use Vital Player and arcMedia on my Android phone, which are free apps and plays almost any file using software codecs.

Download this apps by searching them on the Android market on your mobile.

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