5 Best BlackBerry Apps for iPhone lovers

If you have switched from iPhone to BlackBerry, here are the 5 best applications for BlackBerry Phones similar to iPhone apps.

Save Web Page – With this app, you can download any web content and save it to your BlackBerry smartphone for reading leisurely offline. Save Web Page app enables ‘save PDF’ option on your mobile browser.

CrunchSMS – Equivalent of Bubble text message app of iPhone. You can have your incoming messages in bubble text format with this app. Simply block incoming text messages from regular inbox of your phone.

AVShadow – With this app you can control your TV, DVD Player, etc., using your BlackBerry handset similar to the iPhone remote control of TV. A remote control box is kept near TV which serves as an interface between the gadget and mobile device.

Doodle – You can finger paint on the images of your touch screen utilizing this app as in the case of doodling on iPhone screens. This app is on cost basis; a free doodling app known as MakeaMess is also available with limited number of features.

Weather channel – There is no specific app for radar map and weather available for BlackBerry unlike that of iPhone. Map feature of Weather Channel’s free app serves the purpose on all aspects of weather predictions for BlackBerry mobile phone.

What blackberry apps similar to iPhone apps you like most?

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