5 Excellent Apps for Your Jailbroken iPhone!

A number of smart apps are available for Jailbroken iPhone. 5 of the popular apps are focused here:

MultiFl0w – This beautiful app has brought visual multitasking concept to iPhone device. It enables the user of Jailbroken iPhone to see which applications are running in the background and provides an interface for him to switch between active apps. Up to 9 running applications or tasks are displayed on the same screen for easy and fast switchover. This app is available at Cydia on chargeable basis.

ActionMenu – This app enables copy/paste functions of the following on your Jailbroken iPhone.
  • Entire text in the current field
  • All items in the selected table
  • Entire text of web page to the clipboard
This is a free app from Cydia Stores. ActionMenu with PlusPack has the following extra features.
  • Clipboard history
  • Favorite clippings
  • Phone dialer
  • Bottom of page scrolling
Five Icon Switcher – This free app from Cydia automatically closes all open folders after the launch of your Jailbroken iPhone. There is no icon available on the mobile screen for this app. Just install it and you will notice that all open folders on your mobile close automatically like a magic show.

CallTell – This smart app announces who is the caller even before you get the ring tone on your iPhone. If the caller is in your contact, the app announces his name. The app also works well with text messages and reads the text message for you on the go. CallTell is compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 only. The app is available in Cydia on cost basis.

NoSpot – If you have updated your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch to iOS4.0.x, you will observe a steep fall in the performance of your idevice with multitasking and home screen wallpapers features. Under these circumstances, the app NoSpot, enhances the performance by removing the spotlight function from the phone. This app is available at Cydia for free.

Which Cydia app you like most for your jail broken iPhone.

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