5 Free Android Apps for Streaming Videos

Android has several inspiring applications for you to watch streaming videos and movies on your mobile screen while on travel. 5 major free apps are highlighted here.

Yxflash –When you want to play Flash, Mpeg 1/2/4, Xvid, WMV, DivX, etc., on your mobile phone, simply download the free app yxflash. It does rest of the job for you.

Giant Bomb Beta – The app enables huge database of news, reviews, comments, etc., on video games.You can view Latest video game reviews on your mobile with this app.

Mother TED – Would you like to watch the latest TED videos? Mother TED enables you to get streaming theme based TED videos and other talk sessions on your mobile phone.

TSCinema – With the limited memory in your Smartphone you will not be able to handle full length movies and videos. Create an account with TeraStore.com and upload and view movies on it through TSCinema app.

TV.com – Now you can view news and videos from popular channels like ET, Showtime, CBS News & sports, CNET, etc., by installing the free app TV.com. You do not have to pay subscription for viewing these channels.

Just download your preferred Android Video Streaming app from Android Market.

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