6 Promising Games for Windows Phone 7!

Microsoft has unleashed 63 stunning games for Windows Phone 7 to be launched. 6 of the enchanting games are showcased here:

Little Wheel – In this strange and fun filled game you have to activate a power generator which ran out suddenly shutting off your entire city 10,000 years ago. The impediments and challenges you encounter with the time gap make the game interesting with a pleasing background music.

Jet Car Stunts – This is a racing game created by True Axis. You have to push speed to the limits without coasting off the course or destroying your vehicle at a high speed impact. Game features simple controls like
  • Accelerator
  • Tilt to steer
  • Handbrake
  • On screen button for brake
  • Jet engine for speed boost
Advanced graphics and spectacular sound effect turn you to a Schumacher!

Castlevania – This game is about vampire hunters who join hands to drive away Dracula to his eternal slumber. The game features
  • 6 players online co-op
  • Combo attack system
  • Classic medieval background
  • Ghost mode
  • Classic 2D gaming
Fruit Ninja – Splash and splatter delicious fruits across the screen swiping your fingers swiftly as a true Ninja warrior in a battle field. Be careful, deceptive bombs in shape of fruits may ruin your juicy adventure. If you perform well, you will be followed by wise men Ninja Sensei who will provide fun fruit facts apart from wise advice on your journey. In short it is a thoroughly enjoyable messiest game.

I dig it – In this game you need to control a high- tech machine to dig out minerals, precious gems, fossils, etc., from underground and sell them to pay back your mortgage and save your farm house. Interesting features of the game are
  • 60 unique items to be unearthed
  • 6 areas of upgrades of your machine
  • 5 mini- game challenges
Crackdown 2 – Project Sunburst - This is a X-box live enabled game that takes ideas and weapons from Crackdown 2 and sets them against the backdrop of the real world using Bing maps. The ultimate goal is a Sunburst device, a super weapon, which connects you with your friends for domination.

Hope all these much anticipated games fare well for windows mobile 7.


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