7 Fabulous Apps For Windows Phone 7 !!

Even before the availability of Windows Phone 7 mobile to customers, developers are busy creating amazing apps for the same. 7 of the elegant apps under development are showcased here.

Graphic.ly – This app is a digital media platform for comic books and communities on your Windows 7 phone. It also allows people to converse about new and favorite titles on comics. You can
  • Select, Buy, read and carry comics
  • Flip pages of comic by touch interface
Touch Call – On the Windows 7 mobile you can keep phone numbers of 6 people in a single screen with this app. This shortcut enables you to call your contacts in a jiffy using touch buttons. This is an incredibly simple app to work with.

Marathon – With this app you can keep track of your running, skiing, etc. Trace your path with the help of GPS. Other features of the app -
  • Records and displays time, distance, speed and altitude
  • Set target time and compares with your previous best
  • Records change of Speed with altitude and displays on bar charts
  • Post results to Twitter and other contacts
Flickr Uploader – This app is built to work on Windows and Mac OSX. The snapshots taken by phone camera can be uploaded directly to Flickr for sharing with friends. Before uploading you can add titles, descriptions and tags.

Wall Street – This app enables you to know all about stock market data around the world through Yahoo Stock Tracker Service while on the go. You get
  • Company news
  • Stock market trend
  • Specific Stock future prediction
  • Update of your stock holdings
Seesmic – With this app you can update and view multiple social networks including your favorite Facebook and Twitter. This app enables standard features like
  • Send / receive messages
  • Add /delete contacts
  • Update your profile
Services like Bing are also enabled with this app.

NetFlix - Netflix will let you stream movies and television shows over the air directly to your Windows Phone 7 handset.

Hope more and more exciting apps will come for windows phone 7.

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