7 Useful Android Applications, you little know

Some of the applications of Google’s Android platform are extremely useful. Showcased here are 7 such top applications.

ShareYourBoard – This app is useful for capturing, processing and sharing whiteboard data.
  • Capture white board picture with your phone at any angle, lighting and type of whiteboard
  • Your cell phone detects the whiteboard edges, improve readability and extracts all information you need
  • Save processed information and add/ edit whiteboard contents
  • Share your data with colleagues
CompareEverywhere or GoCart – These two apps lets you buy the best quality products at the cheapest price. The camera of your phone scans barcode of products. Use GPS facility in CompareEverywhere to locate stores nearby and get prices of products. Online reviews of products and comparative prices will enable you to select the product and price.

TuneWiki or Diggin – These are two fabulous apps for music. Using social music maps from TuneWiki you can access video, pictures, songs, etc. Diggin enables you to access numerous radio stations and you can listen to great music of your choice.

Phonebook 2.0 – How will you access your contacts in case your mobile phone is lost or misplaced? Phonebook 2.0 comes to your rescue under this condition. It backs up all your contacts and addresses on a remote server so that contact data can be accessed from desktop or any other device without dependence on cell phone.

Maverick – This app is ideal for those chat maniacs. You can share messages with your contacts through G-Talk. Exchange videos, pictures and audio clips. If you are a blogger this app enables you to publish your blog post or contents to be shared with your fellow bloggers.

BioWallet – This app brings biometrics to your mobile phone. Make use of your phone camera to scan your retina for proof of your own identity and unlock your devices or protected applications like passwords, certificates, documents, etc.

To download any of these apps, just search for them in Android marketplace.

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