Active-Sync Setup for Hotmail Access on your phone

The long awaited Hotmail ActiveSync service has been released by Microsoft for smart phones of different brands. It brings in integration between your website and mobile phone in respect of your calendar, contacts, email etc. Any new contact you add to your handset gets updated on your website automatically. Similarly receipt of new email message on the web mail gets reflected in your phone.

This service covers the following mobile platforms at present.
  • Nokia’s E series, S series and N series devices
  • Windows Mobile 6x and Windows Phone 7
  • Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Android devices will be covered by this service in the near future.
Active-Sync Setup for Hotmail in iPhone.JPGThe procedure to install this service is different for each mobile platform. To know more about Active-Sync Setup for Hotmail Access and installing the service check this LINK.

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