Awesome Plane Finder AR iPhone App

If you want to show off your high technical knowledge and impress your girlfriend or family members you can definitely bank on Plane Finder AR, the spicy app on your iPhone. This inspiring app is utilized to locate airplanes that are flying in your neighborhood.

PlaneFinder AR picks up the transmissions made by commercial planes to the control towers and combines the augmented reality of your iPhone to extract vital information about the aircrafts flying around your place.
iPhone AR app
The following interesting particulars about the flights can be accessed with this app.
  • Flight Number
  • Aircraft registration number
  • Altitude at which it flies
  • Distance of flight from your current location
  • Speed of flight
  • Destination
The app works in those areas where coverage of the developer’s Plane Finder Virtual Radar app is available.

Get Plane Finder AR App for iPhone from iTunes for $2.99

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