Best HTC HD2 Mobile Games

Several fascinating games are available for HTC HD2 windows mobile. Some of the best game apps are discussed here.

Hunting – This is essentially a tower defending game set in the Stone Age. The people were barbarians surrounded by jungles and wild animals. They fought with bows & arrows and missiles. As the Commander of a tribe how well you resist enemy attack to defend your fort is the theme of the game. Maps, multi-layer co-op mode (Blue Tooth/ Regional Network) add modern flavor to this game.

Resco Brain Games 2009 – This brain training game is the largest growing segment with 44 games in 4 major categories and different challenging levels with a finger friendly user interface. The games keep you totally absorbed and spellbound with the following classifications.
  • Calculations
  • Memory
  • Analysis
  • Attention
Xtrakt – This is a free futuristic game. You are on a motorbike in a futuristic town where strange red robots run/fly around. You have a gun for shooting these enemies. You have to control your bike and simultaneously attack the robots. Power ups and ramps enable you to perform acrobatics to make the game spicier. The controls are simple and easy. The graphics are superb and the background sound is good.

Pocket Lemmings – This freeware has been a popular puzzle game for a long time. You have to help the cute but stupid little creatures to cross gaping valleys, overcome obstacles and bypass dangerous traps. There are 120 varying levels of skill.

Electopia – This is a graphically advanced action adventure game. You have to defend a robot that has crash-landed on an island due to ship-wreck from other killer robots of the island. Major features include
  • Beautiful and charming graphics
  • Fast action game play with simple and accurate touch control
  • Inventive magnetic and electrical weapons
Picranium – This is a puzzle game similar to minesweeper. You have to identify correct blocks to build the picture. This is purely a logic game with a mix of Sudoku. At higher levels larger grids are required and the game becomes more complicated.

Resco Snake – This is a snake game. You have to control a snake using accelerometer of your phone and fruits and other snakes. There are 24 levels with different themes, 4 seasons and 3 gradually increasing difficulty levels.

Experiment 13 – This is a puzzle game in a novel environment. You have to make a weird guy go through different worlds. You have to solve puzzles one after the other for supporting this guy. Main features of the game
  • There are 9 worlds and 5 stages per world
  • 45 levels of challenges
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Innovative controls
Meon – This is a logic puzzle game. You have to direct beams of light, the right colors in the right targets. Light splitters, mirrors, filters, prism, etc., help you to achieve your goal. The game has more than 120 levels of increasing complexities. The graphics are moderate.

To download this games for HTC HD2 just search for them in the windows marketplace.

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