'Bing App for Mobile' for Verizon Android Phones

Bing search app recently debuted on Android devices using Verizon wireless network.

This free app enables you to easily search for local places, entertainment and image contents.

Salient features of the app are
  • Quick access to maps
  • Streaming impressive images on homepage
  • Fast response to your queries on flight timings, stock market, local movies, etc.
  • Saves your favorites for ready reference
You get answers to all your questions fast in image search, voice search and map search modes.
By simple clicks you get loads of exciting information on images on homepage. You get instant replies to your queries related to movies, theaters, show timings, movie reviews in voice search.
Bing App for Mobile
In the versatile map search, you can find
  • Your current location
  • Nearby garage, gas station, mall, bars, etc. including reviews and ratings
  • Directions to your destinations
If you are a fan of Microsoft, you will definitely love this app. Download the app from Android market and have fun.

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