BlackBerry App count reaches 10000+

Research in Motion, creators of BlackBerry devices, are buzzing with activities, the company has surpassed the 10,000 mark on the count of apps released for its smartphones.

Though this figure means a great achievement from RIM’s point of view, it is still far behind compared to its competitors- Apple’s iPhone with a huge collection of 250,000 apps and Google’s Android with 100,000 apps. With the ever increasing business and enterprise customer segment, the need for more and more apps has become an absolute necessity and mobile phone manufacturers have to comply with this requirement.

In an attempt to increase its app base, RIM has organized a developers conference “BlackBerry DEVCON 2010” at San Francisco by end September. Developers around the world will participate in this grand meet. The company has also announced a contest by name “BlackBerry Super Apps Developer Challenge” for developers. Over $ 1.5 million in prizes will be awarded to successful creators of super apps. With these schemes BlackBerry foresees positive outcome in its app front.

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