Control your iPhone with your Mind!!

In this age of Transcendental Meditation, it has been proved that using your brain waves you can control / activate inanimate objects. An extension of this is the new concept of XWave’s NeuroSky Technology. You can control certain apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your mental focus utilizing XWave Technology. XWave’s headset is used with NeuroSky technology allows you to control movement of objects with your brain power.

Watch the fascinating video demo.

  • You can change color of an app or item on the iPhone
  • You can levitate a ball, physical or virtual
Mind concentration also helps you to expand your span of attention which will be useful in handling your Twitter activities.

The mind- boggling gadget is compatible with iOS platform and is available for $99 from PLX. You must try this electrifying experience! For more information visit PLX XWave

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