Didiom Music Streaming App now available for iPhone

Music lovers, now you can have your own music service streaming tantalizing tunes on your iPhone.  Stream-your-own-music service Didiom app is now ready for iPhone and iPod Touch users.      

To use the app you have to install small software on your desktop which scans your hard drive for audio stuff like music, podcasts, playlists and audio books.  The system is secure and it creates your own personal music streaming channel and this can be streamed back to your iPhone. 
The app is not compatible with Mac system.  Further you have to pay a subscription of $ 9.99 per year to avail the services of the app.  Despite this recurring expense it is really worth buying and installing this app for your iPod Touch and iPhone for the great pleasure you derive listening to your own music on the go. 

Buy Didiom App from iTunes for $9.99

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