Download Kaleidescape App For Your iPhone Free!

Kaleidescape AppWhen you are buying a movie DVD you have to make sure that you buy only new movies and not the one you already have. Movie server maker Kaleidescape comes to your rescue with a fabulous free app. Kaleidescape app scans a DVD or a Blu- Ray Disc barcode and reflects whether the title is already in the owners Kaleidescape system and its format. This clue is very useful for you to avoid purchase of the same movie once again.

The app provides loads of information on movies through its Movie Guide. You get to know these useful data to decide whether to buy a movie or not.
  • Summary of the movie
  • Cast and director
  • Running time of show
  • Rating and reviews
The guide has an impressive collection of 135,000 movie titles to select.

Download this free app which will be handy when you go on movie shopping spree next time.

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