Download Pocket IRC Free for Windows Mobile

Do you like to communicate, contribute and exchange information on your favorite subjects with like-minded people around the world? You can achieve this with help of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network by participating in virtual chat and text messages. The virtual meeting encompasses a very large group of audience which could be handled by a Personal Computer comfortably. Owing to its capacity limitations, your Windows Mobile phone needs a special app to handle this kind of volume. Pocket IRC version 1.3.1 is a freeware which enables Windows Mobile phone users to part take in worldwide virtual meetings with fellow mates.
pocket irc
The app has the following wonderful characteristics.
  • User friendly channel windows remain open even if you quit or disconnect; you can resume contact without hassle and loss of text.
  • Both status window and channel window display disconnect status.
  • In the event of exceeding of channel limits, messages are formatted.
  • View messages in square as well as landslide modes
Download Pocket IRC from HERE

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