Facebook App For Palm Web OS Updated

Palm webOS Facebook app has been released as a beta version earlier this year to permit members to use app and identify difficulties so that remedial measures could be taken for efficient performance of the app. The developers strongly believe that customer feedback is of paramount importance for product improvement.

Several new features and enhancements are incorporated based on the experience of user community. For instance, the version 1.2.30 of the app, which supports selectable feeds, has been provided with an extra feature to remember the most recently selected feed between launches based on member feedback in its next version 1.2.32.

Important features contributed by the Palm webOS community for the impressive performance of the app in its latest version 1.3 are listed below.
  • Photo tagging
  • Selectable feeds
  • Landscape mode
  • Comments in feed
  • Clearance of multiple notifications
Facebook for Palm webOS community has more than 30,000 satisfied members today. For more information about this app, visit the official facebook page. To download this app for your Palm phone click HERE.

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