Furry Legends Game for Samsung Wave

FurryLegends version 1.2.1 is a new game app you can enjoy on your Samsung Wave handset. It is not a fairy tale though it deals with the grand old conflict of good and bad. The story is about a tribe known as Furballs living in a colorful planet. These righteous round furry critters are attacked by a cruel despot by name Squarie who turns the innocent tribal into square forms using his army of cube shaped creatures. As the army captures 3 of the tribal leaders possessing special powers, you are assigned with the mission of overpowering the enemies and save the critters & their land and free their 3 captured leaders. In this process you have to solve several scintillating puzzles and cross platforms in the shape of hurdles.

This is quite an exciting game and you get addicted to it. Samsung mobile users in Germany, France and UK are going crazy with this wonderful game.

Get the game from samsung apps.

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