Gwiggle iPhone app Keeps Track about your Child

Gwiggle is a iPhone app which records milestone events in your child’s life with photographs in a comprehensive manner. Right from day one, the app keeps track of our baby’s growth process in all facets and records them systematically complete with snapshots to cherish the sweet memories in later years.

The fabulous features of the app include the following.
  • Day 1 contains Name, Horoscope sign, etc.
  • Dr. Gwiggle covers List of doctors attending to the child, contact details, next appointment, dates of vaccination, etc.
  • Photos - You can take photographs of your child directly from the app and put a beautiful frame also. Description of photos, dates and events are also recorded.
  • Bubbles – Milestone events are saved in a bubble format with date and time
  • Steps – Events like Tooth fairy, growth chart, family tab, etc. find place in this record.
  • You love to maintain these exciting happenings in the life of your tiny tot and present them when he grows up!
Gwiggle iPhone App
Get Gwiggle iPhone App from iTunes for just $0.99

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