Install Android on iPhone with IPHODROID App

iPhonDroid AppWith an impressive Research and Development, Sergio McFly, the untiring developer, has now succeeded in installing Android platform in iPhone using an interface iPhodroid. By simple clicks you can now use your iPhone 2G and 3G versions in dual mode, either on Apple or on Android platform.

Marriage of Android to iPhone on a single handset involves the following sequential procedure.
Precondition : Your iPhone must be Jailbroken iPhone 2G or 3G version with Cydia up to date and remain connected to your computer via USB cable.
  1. Download iPhoDroid latest version using this LINK.
  2. Install iPhoDroid using the set up (i.e) jailbroken iphone connected to computer
  3. iPhoDroid extracts the touch driver and transfers cache/system/date folders to your iPhone
  4. At this stage iPhoDroid places iPhone in Recovery mode
  5. Wait for the OpeniBoot splash page with options (Android / Apple, Install / Uninstall)
  6. Use Volume button to highlight Install option and use tap Home button to select it
  7. You will see some codes on your screen. Thereafter your iPhone will reboot in the Android OS.
  8. You can try Android with your iPhone now.

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