iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S Best Phone?

iphone 4 vs galaxy s.Apple’s iPhone was the first of its kind to hit the market. Today a number of branded makes of smartphones with amazing applications are available in the market. Each brand has its own unique selling points catering to certain customer-specific features. Let us try to showcase the comparative features of iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone.

Attributes: iPhone 4 vs Galaxy S :

Physical Aspects:
  • Display: 3.5” LED of iPhone 4 vs 4” Super AMOLED display for Galaxy S.
  • Weight: 137 gms. of iPhone 4 vs 121 gms of Galaxy S.
  • Thickness: 9.3 mm of iPhone 4 vs 9.9 mm of Galaxy S.
  • Design: Scratch proof optical glass with stainless steel band of iPhone 4 vs Smooth and curvy sides of Galaxy S.
  • Storage: 16.32 GB of iPhone 4 vs 16 GB of Galaxy S.
  • OS: Apple’s own iOS4 vs Google Android 2.1
  • Camera: Both has 5 megapixel camera
Battery life:
  • Talk time: 7 hours of iPhone 4 vs 7.8 hours of Galaxy S.
  • Standby Talk time: 300 hours of iPhone 4 vs 490 hours of Galaxy S.
  • Design: Built-in battery of iPhone 4 vs Removable battery of Galaxy S.
Applications: 200,000 iPhone apps vs 100,000 Android apps

The table above highlights major differences in design aspects, physical appearance, technical specification and accessories available in iPhone 4 and Galaxy S mobile phones. Striking features of the smartphones can be listed as under.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy is sleeker with a broader display and light weight on physical aspects. However, iPhone 4’s scratch proof glass front becomes more user- friendly.
  • Samsung scores over iPhone with longer life for battery. In addition, removal feature of the battery enables easy maintenance and service which is totally missing in respect of Apple’s iPhone 4.
  • In respect of applications, Galaxy S stands miles away from iPhone 4 with a strong backup of 200,000 apps, all from Apple’s own store. Samsung heavily depends on Google for Android apps.
  • As regards Operating System iPhone is supported by Apple’s own iOS4 platform. Here again, Samsung has to depend on Google for Android platform.
Looking at the overall features and performance figures, iPhone is the stronger player at present.

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