Its HTC HD3, not HTC HD7?

It is a well known fact that HTC is about to launch its next generation smartphone following its last edition HTC HD2. Sketches leaked from the company sometime back indicated the name as HTC HD7. Recently a few excellent and bright snapshots of this mobile phone have been leaked. The handset looks majestic and cute and the name of the device has been displayed as HD3 without any ambiguity. The situation is rather perplexing now, what is the correct name of the new version working on Windows Phone 7 platform? Is it HD3 or HD7?
HTC HD3HD3 should have been the right choice in the normal course. However, considering the OS, Windows Phone 7, which powers the mobile device, it may be apt to name the device as HD7. It again depends on the makers and their logic, market strategy, sentiments, etc., to name the handset. We have to wait and watch for some more time.

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