JAMSKED, a Mobile Internet Directory of Live Music Events

Mobile media baron BuzzCity has launched beta version of JAMsked, a free mobile internet directory of live music programs for music lovers.

The directory lists latest grand concerts, musical tours as well as performance by individual artists and bands. “Advertise with music” is the theme of JAMsked which effectively influences advertisers, consumers and artists.
  • For advertisers music is the best way to establish connectivity with consumers irrespective of nationality, language, culture and society
  • Consumers are eager to know what is happening around them in their city and in that process get connected with music and artists
  • Recording artists have a larger reach of audience which may eventually increase their earnings and improve their financial status
Thus JAMsked brings out a fusion between advertisers, artists and consumers for mutual benefits.

Want to see how it looks? Check it out now: http://m.jamsked.com

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