Justin.tv iPhone App Updated!!

An update of the app Justin.tv iPhone has been launched recently for iPhone 4 and 3GS handsets.

Simply upload your favorite videos and pictures on your mobile phone and broadcast them live to Justin.tv by hitting a red button. You can share exciting videos of your birthday party with your friends and relatives by a simple click of the button. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed for sharing photos, videos, pictures. You can carry on with animated discussions with your contacts while the video show is in progress on your mobile.

Your iPhone’s front facing camera and flash supports these kinds of lively conversations. You can save all your broadcasts and view them leisurely offline or enjoy with kids while on your way to a picnic spot. The video broadcasts are of high quality and reliability. 3G and Wi-Fi networks support Justin.tv broadcasts. The app is a thorough family entertainment while on the go.

Justin.tv for iPhone Features:
  • Simple, one-click broadcasting interface. Just click the big red button
  • Broadcast and share instantly on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Chat with friends in real-time within the application, while broadcasting
  • Support for iPhone 4 front-facing camera and flash
  • Broadcast on 3G or WiFi with smooth video and clear audio
  • Broadcasts saved to watch later automatically
  • Watch any stream live on 3G or WiFi
  • Push notifications when someone you follow goes live
  • Browse live video with categories and filters
Download Justin.tv for iPhone from iTunes.

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