Mobile Phone Killed 16000 People in US

mobile driving.jpgMobile phones have brought in a revolution in communication field in the past 10 years. You can keep in touch with your near & dear and business friends wherever you are. In addition to simple receiving/ sending calls; iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, etc., handsets work wonders executing non-call functions like route finder, video conference, movie viewing, health gadgets, i-stethoscope, etc., using smart applications.

While the versatile smartphone enables you to do your office work, texting, chat etc., while on the go, your attention gets diverted from the road while driving your car or riding your two wheelers on highways leading to fatal road accidents. The number of such accidents has touched a whopping 16,000 in the US since 2001.

According to studies conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US, one million SMS were sent through mobile phones in the year 2002, 110 million SMS have been sent in the year 2008.

SMS, talking while driving are the culprit which caused such accidents and responsible for the deaths of 16000 people in US alone. Please keep away from your cell phone while driving.

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