Resupported iPhone App Enables Video Out to TV Cheaply

Did you know your iPhone/iPod Touch can play videos on your TV? Did you know Apple wants you to pay $50 to get a cable that lets you do such? Did you know you don't need to?

There are plenty of accessories on the market that allow you to play video out with iPods, but when plugged into the iPhone, display "This accessory is unsupported by iPhone", and refuse to play video out. Or at least used to.

Resupported is a safe and cheap alternative to paying the Apple tax. It enables video out through many unsupported AV cables and devices on your jailbroken iPhone!

In addition, Resupported adds video out support to many third-party applications, such as YourTube, NBA League Pass, and more!Resupported is designed only for video playback, not to display your applications on a TV.

Resupported app comes for $1.99. Just search for the app in Cydia to install.

Compatible with iPhone OS 3.x only.

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