ScreenDimmer app for Jailbroken iPhone Saves Battery Life

ScreenDimmer allows you to save battery life by automatically dimming your device's screen after a pre-defined time; or if you wish by turning the backlight off. It's only $1.99!

Most users suffer unnecessary battery drain while having their iPhone not on standby. Setting auto-lock to a short time makes it better, but is an inconvenience most of the time due to permanent locking and unlocking while waiting for something.

ScreenDimmer is the solution for this problem: Save battery life by reducing the backlight to a minimum if the device hasn't been used for a pre-defined time and reduce the waste of the most energy consuming component, the backlight, of the iPhone or iPod.
screendimmer screenshot.JPG
Some of the features of this app are:
  • Longer battery life
  • Can turn the display's backlight off
  • Dims the screen after a user defined time
  • Doesn't dim the screen if the battery is being charged
  • Doesn't dim if an app needs the screen (navigagtion software, video players, …)
  • Ability to exclude apps from dimming
  • Option to disable LockScreen right after respring/reboot
  • Option to disable locking while device is charging/docked
  • Configuration interface in the Settings app

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