Spinballs, a Colorful Puzzle Game for iPhone/iPad

Spinballs is a colorful puzzle game. This time-sensitive game consists of 7 big discs each filled with colorful balls. You have to rotate the big discs in clockwise or anti clockwise direction suitably so that balls of the same color line up. Press a button at the bottom of the mobile phone screen to make matched color balls disappear and you earn points.
spinballs iPhoneYou are provided with help lines for sorting balls of same color, clear the field, slow down the game time, etc. With these help lines plan your strategy to maximize your points to reach challenging higher levels to have more fun.

Matching gets harder as you reach higher levels of the game and the time for completion also will be less.

The game features
  • Superb graphics and wonderful visual effects
  • Pleasing background music and sound effects
This unique addictive short game is at most suited for bus ride from office to residence in short duration.

Get Spinballs for iPhone/ iPad from HERE.

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