Super KO Boxing 2 for iPhone Free Today

Glu Mobile’s Super K.O. Boxing 2 is a game app with unique cartoon-style graphics you will relish on your iPhone while on the go. The game is so simple that you will feel like playing the same immediately at the very first glance.

This app can be downloaded for FREE just for today.

The game deals with 15 fighters each with a specialist move to attack the opponents. You have a variety of moves to choose from for each fighter. The game can be played in 3 distinct modes.
  • Circuit mode – standard career mode which is the lowest level
  • Challenge mode – for advanced fighters 16 targets to attack
  • Endurance mode – Test your endurance limit by accepting punches from your enemies
super ko boxing iphone app.JPG
Super K.O. Boxing 2 utilizes a system of virtual pads and buttons which are responsive and placed in the right spots on the screen such that view of actual boxing on the screen is not obscured. You will get addicted to this game!


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