Swype for Nokia S60 5th Edition Phones in Beta Stage

Typing is a perennial problem with any kind of device, may it be desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Typing or texting is rendered more cumbersome on mobile phones with smaller size of keys as it causes mishit invariably on the miniature buttons when you type fast.

Swype is a new system for inputting texts in a smarter way. You don’t press the keys or letters, you simply drag a single finger to impart a light touch to the letters and trust the system to figure out the words. This method of finger-tracing text entry is a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. Swype technology enables as many as 40 words to be typed per minute on your mobile screen. It looks magical and hypnotic too.

Swype has been launched for Android smartphones earlier this year. Now this technology is in the experimental stage for Nokia S60 5th Edition. Currently Swype has been put in beta stage.

Check out the below video to know more about working of swype


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