Tethering Nokia N900 for Internet connection

N900Nokia 900 is a wonderful mobile phone which is capable of working with different Operating System's on the mobile. Procedure for tethering N900 for internet connection in windows 7/XP OS is as follows:
  1. Connect N900 to Laptop with USB cable and Select PC SuiteMode on N900
  2. Set N900 connection to its Wi-Fi access point
  3. Execute as root on mobile ifup usb0 and route del default usb0
  4. Ping N900 (
  5. On localhost port 9999 create SSH tunnel using Putty. The tunneling option is under SSH->Tunnels. Enter 9999 as port, select ‘Dynamic’ and click ‘Add’. Open the connection to the N900 (
  6. Change system proxy settings (Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings) so as to use SOCKS proxy on localhost port 9999.
  7. You are connected to internet through your N900 now.
Alternatively you can also use JoikuSpot for tethering N900 from Ovi store.

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