WebOS 2.0 Leaked!!

HP’s WebOS 2.0 Smartphone is getting finishing touches for the launch by the end of this year.
Screenshots presumably from beta release of HP and Palm’s WebOS 2.0 have been leaked on the internet with some beautiful features.
  • Users will have integration with Google Docs, Dropbox and Box directly within the Operating System
  • MobileMe feature stands out as a mismatch as it is more relevant to iOS platform
  • Default app selection allows user to chop & change apps that are launched by clicking web links, email & street addresses as well as certain type of files
  • Social networking platform with Facebook and Linkedin along with photo sharing services including photo bucket
  • The gray shade imparts a majestic look to the handset
HP is likely to release one more marvelous product - WebOS Tablet in the first quarter of next year.

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