Pre-Order T-Mobile HTC HD7 at Lower Price

Pre order HTC HD7
T-Mobile USA is all set to release HTC HD7 handset during November 2010. The product is likely to be priced at $199. Here is good news, you can grab the phone at a lower price by placing pre-orders immediately.

Online retailers Amazon and Wirefly have commenced booking pre-orders at $169 and $149 respectively for this amazing HTC HD7 mobile. If you are averse to entering into carrier agreement you have a choice to buy the Smartphone without any contract. In such an event, Amazon will charge you $549.99 and Wirefly $529.99.

It is interesting to note that the kick-stand equipped HTC HD7 phone will be T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone 7 device with the following technical specifications.
  • Super large 4.3” WVGA capacitive touch screen
  • 8 GB / 16 GB internal memory
  • 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash
  • HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Support GPS and Bluetooth
Pre-Order this amazing HTC HD7, the first windows phone 7 now.

WP7 Navigation App Telmap 5 available in Singapore

Global leader in mobile location companion Telmap has launched its first turn-by-turn car navigation app Telmap 5 for Windows Phone 7 in Singapore. Major features of the app include
  • Route map covering every turn using 3D moving maps
  • Voice and text guidelines
  • Announcement of street names and landmarks including garage, parking areas, restaurant, gas station, etc.
  • Exclusive navigation for pedestrians
telmap navigation app

The service in Singapore from SingTel covers
  • Full Singapore and Malaysia maps
  • Real time traffic particulars in various parts of the city enabling you to avoid congested roads especially when you are on the move to attend business meetings with tight time schedules or racing towards the airport to catch a flight.
  • Cell-ID function allows you to check your location and plan a travel route even when you are sitting in your office

Wi-Fi Media Backup For Your BlackBerry Phones

The famous Chocolate Chunk Apps, Wi-Fi Media Backup for BlackBerry devices allows you to automatically upload photos, videos and voice-notes from your BlackBerry to your PC, wirelessly and in the background.

This is a great feature with which you can roam around all day, taking photos, video or voice notes and when you return to your home or business house, they are ready waiting for you on your desktop computer. Further you can transfer your music and other files from your BlackBerry mobile phone to your desktop at Wi-Fi speed in split seconds and vice versa.
Wi-Fi Media backup application is made up of two parts
  • A BlackBerry app
  • A lightweight PC application called Media Server
This app is a great product for anyone who uses a lot of the media capabilities of their device and wants a backup of it all on their desktop computer.

Get the app for just $4.99 from HERE.

Download Angry Birds Free for Android

Angry birds Android
The full version of Angry birds for Android Phones is Free currently on Handango.

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole their eggs. Each of the 150 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force. Angry Birds features hours of challenging physics-based gameplay, and lots and lots of replay value.

Go to this LINK to grab Angry birds game free for your Android phone

Halloween Apps For Your iPhone!

This is Halloween season with fearful nights especially for the kids. Umpteen apps are available for your iPhone to magnify the intensity of horror for thorough enjoyment. Here we dissect 7 of the cute, weird and fearful Halloween apps.

Costume Generator had been the top Halloween app for the year 2009. The app provides costume suitable for you based on the following inputs.
  • Gender
  • Your Mood
  • Type of Halloween party
The costumes are creepy and funny and featured in, Macworld and The Huffington Post.
Ghost Radar is a science based app for ghost hunters. A display of dots on an electromagnetic field enables ghost chasers to identify presence ghosts in a place. Creepy words add to the scare factor to provide a thrilling experience.
Abandoned is a costly app for $2.99 to let you know the location of haunted houses and ghost dwellings on a map of a particular location. The app lists hundreds of perfect places for ghost hunt. Your crew will have fun time exploring sinister ghostly locations.
Zombie Weatherman is an interesting weather app with a difference. The app displays weather forecast dotted with blood spots on the mobile phone screen. A zombie weatherman presents the meteorological report to you spitting blood all over predicting a gory encounter ahead presumably.
True Ghost Stories from around the World is an app that provides a huge collection of horror stories you can read and share with your near and dear. Photographs add to the mystery and suspense to provide total entertainment for your entire family.
Scare Tracks is a nerve wrecking app which enables you to undertake an adventurous trip on a Halloween night in the midst of torture screams, zombie chants, war cry, message from hell, alien prison, Ichabod crane, etc., with your pals.
Jack O’Lantern is a free Halloween app to promote your pumpkin art. The cute app helps you to make a bizarre face out of the pumpkin; you can add funny messages too. High definition graphics and sound effects add spice to the ghostly backdrop. Shake the iPhone to scare the children for fun.
Hope you enjoy this Halloween season with this wonderful Halloween apps for your iPhone!

Download VLC App for iPhone

VLC media player app iPhone.
The famous open source cross platform media player VLC has been approved by Apple’s App Store as a universal app for iPhone and iPad. With this app you can play videos of all formats available in the Electronics World.
There is a simple procedure to use VLC on your iPhone and other iDevices.
  • Load videos of your choice from your desktop computer to iTunes.
  • Click on the ‘Apps’ tab on your iPhone and scroll through ‘File Sharing’ option.
  • ‘VLC’ is one of the options and click ‘Add’ to include video contents
You will be now ready to play your favorite comics Tom and Jerry, Popeye The Sailor Man, etc., on your iDevice while on the go.

Two unique features of VLC app are
  • You can playback file formats of any type on your iPhone, including the ones not supported by iTunes
  • You can delete any video file using the in-app facility
Download VLC app for iPhone Here

Download Free Apps for Wave 525, Wave 533, Wave 723 and Wave 575

Here is good news for users of Samsung Wave series Smart phones, you can now download several exciting apps for your smart phones Wave 525, Wave 533, Wave 723 and Wave 575 for free. The wave series of mobile phones run on Samsung’s own Bada operating system and the apps are supported by this OS.

This strategic move is aimed at roping in large volume of customers, who will be attracted by the free apps, to buy Samsung Wave series handsets. The increased quantum of apps download will also entice developers to create more new apps for the wave mobile phones.

The free downloads include dictionary apps and theme apps in addition to several thrilling games. Some of the interesting apps, which can be freely downloaded as many as 250,000 – 300,000 times from any of the Wave phones, are FIFA 10, Tetris Refresh, Spore Creatures and Assassin’s Creed II. You can take your pick now!

Check out the Top 10 Free Apps for Wave 525, Wave 533, Wave 723 and Wave 575 post to download free apps for your smartphone.

Huawei IDEOS X6 and IDEOS X5 Mobiles Launched!!

Do you reside in China, here is great news for you – Chinese Mobile Mogul Huawei is all set to launch two awesome mobile phones IDEOS X6 and IDEOS X5 in the near future. Both the handsets work on Android 2.0 Froyo operating system and support HSPA+ high speed data network.
IDEOS X6 is slim with a large screen.Technical specification of the Smartphone:
  • 4.1” wide capacitive touch screen
  • 1 GHz processor / 512 MB RAM / 2 GB ROM
  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash & video playback support
  • A-GPS / GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI output, micro SD card slot
  • FM tuner
IDEOS X5 pertains to the mid range and is similar in design to its counterpart with 3.8” wide capacitive touch screen.

IDEOS X5 is foreseen to be launched by this yearend followed by IDEOS X6 early next year.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Specs Leaked!

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones in the world. Samsung Galaxy S is a high end Smartphone working on Android platform. With over 5 million handsets of this Smartphone being sold, the company is in an enviable position in the mobile phone market at present.

There is great news for Samsung mobile phone lovers. The next generation Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S2 is under development and Samsung is likely to launch this product early next year. Screenshots of this cute little handset have leaked recently.

Technical specification and major features of Galaxy S2
  • 4.3” Super AMOLED display screen
  • Processor 2 GHz, RAM 1 GB and ROM 4 GB
  • Memory extendable to 64 GB
  • Camera 8 megapixel with HD video recording facility
  • A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensors
The chick handset is likely to sport a front facing camera and work on Android 3.0 version.

Can Windows Phone 7 take over Android?

Despite the late launch, Microsoft WP7 could bite into the growth of Android market and gain a significant share in Smartphone space owing to its strong marketing potential and top quality performance standards backed by its popular assets like Xbox Live and Bing.

Here we showcase 5 strong reasons in favor of Windows Phone 7 to win over Android loyalists:

Apps Aplenty:
Microsoft will offer a full fledged app store with innumerable applications in completely developed stage for Windows Phone 7 OS. These apps which include several free games supporting Xbox Live Integration and tested for a few months before being accepted by users. Hence users will not feel the dearth of apps of any kind for their handsets.

Developers Paradise:
Microsoft has already started hiring super developers for apps on hire and earn basis. Developers can release their apps in their Marketplace for testing purpose. Once approved, the apps can be sold at desired price by the developers to the users. Developers are also free to list their apps in their Marketplace. These facilities will motivate the developers to flood the market with Windows Phone 7 apps.

Tiles Out:
Unlike Android platform, tiles are incorporated instead of icons for apps on the screen layout. This facilitates updates to be generated on the screen without opening the apps to save time and present organized layout. Facebook, Phone, Messaging, News, Sports score updates are displayed on the home screen.

Lots of Xbox Games:
Windows Phone 7 is capable of running Xbox games and offer multilayer support with superior touch input feature. Microsoft with its Xbox 360 business is well positioned to lure serious game developers.

Hub Features:
With Hub feature you can take with you your friends and community and share multiple files in various formats and dump free file hosts. You can create hubs for friends, professionals, bloggers, etc., to share unlimited data.

With these features hope Windows Phone 7 will bite the share of Android phones.

Winamp App for Android Phones

Winamp, the grand old music player, working in your personal computer, has taken a new avatar. Yes, Winamp has launched a new version for the benefit of Android Smartphone users. The app is in the beta version and it can be downloaded from your Android device with version 2.1 and above for your use and testing.
download winamp

Main features of this app are
  • High quality playback with persistent player controls
  • Media management by integration with desktop Winamp library
  • Wireless desktop syncing with your Winamp desktop app
  • Enables Wi-Fi network synchronization
  • Effective play queue management
  • Widget players and shortcuts are available
  • Display of song details, album artists, etc.
  • App interacts with other music apps like Pandora, YouTube and Amazon MP3 Store
  • Supports scrolling with the app installed
It is always a feast to the ears to listen to music via Winamp app, especially when you are on the go. To download winamp app, just search for it Android market or scan the below QR codes

India gets 3D Mobile Phone 'View D'

Here is good news for mobile users in India, the country’s first ever 3D Smartphone has been launched by Spice Mobiles. Known as “View D”, the mobile phone enables users to view 3D contents, videos and pictures without the need for special 3D viewing glasses.
3D mobile phone

The product has been created keeping in mind the following aspects.
  • Innovation and technology
  • Growing demand for 3D products
  • Facility for common man to view 3D pictures without special gadgets
  • Quality product at competitive price
  • For consumers in Metro and Tier 1 cities in India
Salient technical features of View D:
  • 2.4” 3D display screen
  • Expandable memory up to 16 GB
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • MP3 player
  • FM radio
  • Remote wipe feature to delete data remotely if handset is lost
  • Two modes- 2D / 3D
The handset is priced at Rs. 4,299 and the monthly sales forecast is 20,000 to 30,000 units.

How to access WP 7 MarketPlace if its not available in your country?

Are you a fervent fan of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7? The adorable Smartphone is now available in most of the European countries. Marketplace for this mobile phone has been set up in as many as 17 countries like India, Australia, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Italy, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and New Zealand around the globe to cater to the specific needs of users.

Irrespective of your country of residence, you can select one of these Marketplaces and buy your favorite apps and accessories for your Windows Phone 7.
How to access WP 7 MarketPlace
The procedure for opening your account with the Marketplace of your choice is simple and sequential as explained here under:
  • Pick up your choice of Region and language settings from the control panel for location of the country of your choice for Marketplace
  • Visit Zune Site and register your Zune account. A 14-days Zune pass trial is also available which can be availed if you so desire.
  • Fill in your credit card details with your real name for validation of payment
  • Furnish address and postal code corresponding to the country of location of your Marketplace of choice
  • Download and install Zune 4.7 version on your Windows Phone 7
That’s all, log in to your account and start your transactions.

While selecting your Marketplace make sure that apps of your choice are available in it. You are not permitted to buy apps from different Marketplaces other than the one where you have opened your account. Please note that it is not possible to change the country of your Marketplace once your account is activated at present. However developers are free to launch their apps in Marketplace of their choice.

Download Unsocial app for iPhone and Android

Very often business professionals find it difficult to meet or connect with other businessmen in their own trade when they visit different places because the whereabouts of their contacts are not known. Unsocial is the new app available to enable professionals using iPhone and Android phones to meet contacts when they are in a particular place.

The app enables professionals to set up their brand and broadcast what they want to attract people of importance for their business in a locality.

The app features
  • Geo-location to find your business mates
  • Integrates with LinkedIn to find new contacts and their user profiles
  • Messaging service to contact people for arranging meeting when they are in a location
  • Sharing agenda, schedules, events, Tweets, RSS feed, etc., for better visibility and connectivity
The service will be available for all states in US progressively soon. Download Unsocial app HERE.

Photography App Picture Lab For Windows Phone 7!

There is no doubt that any phone device is incomplete without good picture depiction. A fantastic photograph app known as Picture Lab is now available for Windows Phone 7. The app adds as many as 21 special effects apart from beautify your pictures on your mobile phone. In addition live preview thumbnail of the selected picture is also displayed when you slide in to the effects menu. You can save the picture to the phone’s picture hub for sharing and retrieval.

Major characteristics of the app include
  • Special effects like Vintage, Shift, Comic, Auto Adjust, B/W, Tilt, Edge Detection, Night Vision and many more
  • Multi touch manipulation for Tilt and other effects
  • Editable effect parameters and save option
  • Supports both Landscape and Portrait orientations
  • English and German language localization
  • Trial version complete with all effects and functions
  • Facility to flick through effects on the main frame
You can try the app HERE. Check out the below video to know more about Picture lab app.

Android Gingerbread OS Features Leaked!!

Google has almost completed development of a new mobile platform by name Gingerbread after its successful and strong Android 2.2 Froyo version.

The important features of Gingerbread are
  • Voice app with SIP support which permits users to receive calls on their Google Voice number through Wi-Fi network
  • Perfect integration of individual apps like YouTube app to create a feeling that the app is part of the Gingerbread OS rather than an add-on functionality
  • Bouncy effect as in the case of iOS and TouchWiz 3.0 devices
  • When you reach the top or bottom of a list via kinetic scrolling, it will bounce off the edge and initiate an orange glow at the edge similar to the ones seen in sci-fi fiction based movies
Other features foreseen to be included in the app
  • Hardware acceleration
  • General icons redesign for better look
  • Radio button and checkmark style change

Fake Caller App for Symbian s60v5 Phones

Often you would have been put into boredom and monotony in your business life while attending a drab technical seminar or a ticklish situation in a marketing conference while long pending outstanding payments are discussed. Under these circumstances you will be delighted when you get a mobile phone call from somewhere so that you will be able to find an escape route.

BB caller is a smart app for symbian s60v5 phones like N97, i8910, Satio etc which generates fake incoming calls for you to find a technology excuse to run away from dull atmosphere. You can carry out all kinds of manipulations in this app to receive the calls at your convenience. The app features the following.
  • You can set the delay after which the call is to be placed
  • Set the name of the caller, your spouse, parents, etc.
  • Select light to blink when the call is received
  • Set vibrator mode on/off
  • Set volume of ringer
  • Set name of the operator
Install this app and attend your official conferences peacefully. Download the app from HERE.

Download ScanIt iPhone QR reader Free

A QR code is a matrix code or a two dimensional barcode readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with camera and smart phones. ScanIt is a great free app available in App Store which enables your iPhone camera to scan a QR code. Based on the information stored in the QR code, ScanIt launches the right app. For example an email address will initiate the appropriate Contacts app.

QR generator bookmarklet added to your Safari bookmarks on your iPhone lets you generate QR code for the corresponding website you are currently browsing. Save the image, print it, tape it to your desk or wall; you can quickly launch a favorite website. You can also use this free QR Code Generator to make a customized one with data you desire.If you generate a QR code for your Chrome-to-iPhone or receive with other URLs, you will have a dynamic QR to launch a website.
scanit iPhone app

Features of the app:
  • Scan to URL
  • Scan to Call
  • Scan to Email
  • Scan to Text
  • Scan to Contact Information
  • Retain history of decoded bar codes
  • Automatically catalogues scanned content categories in history
Download ScanIt iPhone QR reader Free from iTunes.

MeeGo OS for Nokia N900 will be ready soon!

Nokia N900 Project lead Harri Hakulinen confirms that development of the new MeeGo 1.1 version open source Operating System is ready to be launched by next month. Work on MeeGo 1.1 version is at the very advanced stage of completion and the team is busy fixing final release blocker bugs and ensuring that every small detail works well. There is a positive feedback from users of the first MeeGo version with the handset OX.

Development of MeeGo version 1.1 is seen as strategic which is bound to help the developers of apps to begin their work. The apps are foreseen to be designed to work on dual platforms of Maemo and MeeGo with Nokia N900 handset.

Work on the next version MeeGo 1.2 is also in progress. Hakulinen and his team will focus on integrating technologies from the latest Nokia and development of repositories including SGX drivers and accelerated video decoders.

Download Swype for Symbian^3 Devices

Swype is a delightful app which enables users to create words with one continuous finger motion across an on-screen keyboard. The app is now available for free for Symbian ^ 3 based devices like Nokia C7 and Nokia N8 from Ovi Store.

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text to any screen. This patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods - at the rate of 40 words and more per minute.

The app is designed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, television, etc. It supports over 40 languages and hence has an international coverage.

With this application you may have to redo your custom dictionary. Further the app works in landscape mode only and portrait support is in the development stage.

Download Swype for N8 or c7 from HERE.

Download Bollywood Mobile Apps for Nokia Phones

Here is good news for movie fans, you can freely download the latest movie trailers, news, video galleries and more using Bollywood Mobile apps on your Nokia mobile phone. Three such apps are showcased here.

Bollywood Buzz provides Filmi Masala on various topics like
  • News
  • In Theatres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Wall exhibits latest movie trailers.
  • Forthcoming
  • Movie reviews, video trials, etc., of currently running movies
Bolly Wallpapers is a beautiful app wherein the user can surf through gallery of wallpapers in different categories using touch screen and pickup a picture as wallpaper for his Nokia handset.

Bolly Tones displays a select list of Bollywood ringtones. You can surf through variety of ringtones and choose your favorite for your handset. App provides several options like classic, dance and romantic ringtones.

All these apps are free.Contents of all these apps are updated automatically.

5 Best Android Browsers

Most of the Android web browsers have all the necessary ingredients of efficient web browsing like
  • Multitasking
  • Multifunctions
  • Well managed User Interface
  • Optimized web browsing
  • Best suited for YouTube and Flash
  • Fast loading of web pages for quick access and time saving
5 of the top Android web browsers are showcased here.

SkyFire 2.0 is browser with special capabilities and can be downloaded for free. With this browser you will be able to
  • Share your websites with your colleagues and relatives
  • Access YouTube videos and other flash-based videos on your mobile device on those gadgets which other browsers cannot play
  • Google Search
  • Play Flash-based games on the go
Dolphin Browser is a mobile browser with useful features like
  • Integration with Google services
  • Export bookmarks
  • Visible tabs
  • Subscription to RSS feed of your favorite blogs and news websites
  • Multi touch zoom support
  • Variety of themes which can be set on your phone
Mobile FireFox (Fennec) is a Mini Firefox browser with the following characteristics.
  • Fast User Interface
  • Saves data while browsing
  • Syncs desktop Firefox bookmarks and saved pages
This browser is downloadable for free.

xScope is a free user friendly browser. Its multi-touch features include
  • Header management control
  • Multifunction zoom
  • Bookmarking function
  • Fast tabbed browsing
xScope has an interesting option called ‘File Task’ which terminates dead processes and prevents hang condition of the phone .

Opera Mini 5 is a free and fantastic browser which facilitates
  • Tab setting so that multiple websites could be opened on the mobile screen at a time
  • Add on option to open links to your email contacts
  • Built in pass word manager
  • Copy-paste option
  • Google Search
To download any of the web browsers for your Android phone, just search for it in Android Market.

All Blacks Windows 7 App for Rugby Fans

Here is great news for fans of All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby union team – you can now enjoy videos and news of your beloved team on your Windows Phone 7 Mobile phone while on the move. The app has been developed by Provoke and is free to download from Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. With this app you can get hot news and eye-catching pictures related to All Blacks; split into Fixture lists, Breaking News, Live results, Stunning videos, Player profiles, Team line up, etc., all the 24 hours of the day.

You will have access to the following exciting tournaments with regular updates this year.
  • Steinlager Series
  • Investec Tri-Nations
  • Bledisloe Series
  • End of Year Tour
Watch your favorite games from wherever you are with this app. If you are planning to purchase windows phone 7, check out for this app.

5 Android Health Apps for Better Life

Health is the real wealth and it is of paramount importance to keep the body and mind fit. Several health applications have been unveiled for Android devices to keep the user healthy on the go. Here are 5 of the superb health apps for your Android phone.

Fast food calorie counter is for the guy who does not want to kick fast foods but still wants to stay fit. Name the fast food, say, veggie spring roll, the app indicates the calories and the amount of fat, carb, protein, etc., in it. It also gives a strict diet plan. From these data you can calculate the right quantum of fast food you can consume. App also helps you with exercises.

Sleep Music is an app which promotes your sleep. If you sleep well it is an indirect indication of sound health. Sleep keeps you energetic and helps control weight. The app incorporates different themes of soothing music to induce sleep. The app also provides for duration of sleep, muting of music, alarm, etc., to monitor your sleep and in turn health.

Beer Gut Fitness is an app to monitor intake of alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, etc. It tracks the calories, type of exercises to do with time duration for a healthy life.

Cardio trainer plus racing is a self motivating app for you to improve your workouts, jogging, etc. The app provides statistics of your previous best performance to motivate you to do better. Thus every time you will tend to improve upon your previous performance in an effort to keep your body trim.

Shelf life is an app to indicate the degree of freshness of fruits and vegetables stored for your consumption. Longevity, color codes for fresh, past prime, inedible stages are also indicated to caution you to eat the fruit or not.

The apps provide an unusual combination of junk food and alcoholic beverage control, sleep therapy, freshness of vegetables and fruits and self motivating aerobics. It is worth practicing these healthy habits for a happy life. To download these apps, just search for them in the Android Market.

Download Xing for BlackBerry

When you attend a seminar or a conference, often you feel lonely as you may be a total stranger in that location. Xing is a magic app to break your monotony. This cool app traces other users of Xing app and identifies them in any gathering. You can send email to them or invite them for better familiarization. Simply create your profile in the app; other Xing users will examine your profile and make friends with you if they are interested.
With this app you can
  • Send private messages to other people in the Xing community
  • Keep track of all your friends and colleagues
  • Make telephone calls
  • Exchange profiles and email addresses online
If you want to reply / take action on a later date for a particular email messages, you have an option to mark the message as unread, even though you have read the message. In short this app is ideal for social networking of professionals.

Download Xing for BlackBerry from HERE.

5 Fresh Apps for iDevices

New apps are being developed continuously for mobile phones. 5 such fresh apps for iDevices are showcased below.

Corel Paint It! Show is an app for iPad to retrieve snapshot from Facebook and manipulate it suitably to make it appear like a painting masterpiece with dazzling effects. Send artwork back to Facebook and share with friends.
Classics is a versatile application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This app enables world class books in the public domain to be downloaded and read on your mobile wile on the go.

Pocket WavePad is a free app for your iPhone. This sound editor app is useful for TV reporters for reporting from the field of action. Voice activated recording ensures recoding only effecting time and battery saving.

Touch Up is a app for your iPad for enhancing the overall effect. Red eye elimination, brightness improvement, color change, etc., are effected using an interface known as TouchUp.

Sotheby’s Mobile is a free app for your iPhone or iPad. Explore the variety of articles and items under auction by zooming, manipulation and videos. You can assess the condition of item and submit your bid.
Hope you try these new apps for your iDevices.

Babylon2Go Translation App for Android Phones

Are you a globetrotter visiting various countries very often in the course of your job or on personal interest? Do you find it difficult to handle different unknown languages wherever you go? Your language problems are solved by a new mobile translation tool called Babylon2Go released in Android market.

Android mobile phone users can download this native app for free. The app supports more than 75 languages of the world. Further the app has a large comprehensive dictionary database and you can get meanings for difficult words in your own as well as other languages. Full text translation is also available for a dozen select languages.
Babylon2Go Translation App for Android, the creator of the app Babylon2Go, has been aiming at increasing the number of languages in their translation range with several added functionalities. The company has achieved international recognition with continuous improvements of software and other products.

To download this free app just search for it in Android market.

Samsung Galaxy-S Froyo Update!!

Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Galaxy S has been released in Europe. With Samsung Kies, you will get to know about the exact date of updating to froyo in your area. The Android 2.2 update has resulted in new user- access features, improved navigation, better and efficient performance of Samsung Glaxy S mobile phone while on the move. Important features of this updated version are
  • Android 2.2 JIT compiler
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 compatibility
  • Speed improvements
  • Voice controlled GPS through Google Maps with navigation
  • Pinch-to-zoom home screen/ menu preview/Edit
  • Improved default keyboard
  • Media hub
  • Improved graphics
  • GPX fix
  • Video records in MP4 format
  • Colored icons in settings
  • Darker menu theme in navy blue color
  • New Gmail app
  • New Search widget
  • Search in browser for Google Translate, Wikipedia, Dictionary
Android 2.2 Froyo is bound to enhance the overall performance of your Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone while you go places.

Download Foursquare for Symbian

Location based services are now gaining prominence, one service in particular has been outstanding, Foursquare. The service has launched its app on Symbian mobile phones with home screen widget recently.

When you are out and about, you check-in at various popular locations like cafeteria, restaurant, stores, business houses, etc., alerting the service as well as your friends on your whereabouts. This way you are able to socialize and share with your friends wherever you are. You also get points, badges and titles like ‘Mayor’ depending on your regularity of check-ins, frequency of visits and lead role during these virtual meetings. It is fun and addictive over a period of time.

With this service you can share with your friends
  • Write up tips
  • Line up to-dos
  • Create new venues
Foursquare utilizes the GPS feature of the Symbian phone to list new venues hitherto untouched, making the process totally user friendly.

Download Foursquare for Symbian HERE

5 Android Apps for News Reporters

If you are a journalist or news reporter, you have umpteen apps for your Android mobile phone. 5 of the incredible apps are discussed here.

Photoshop Express is essentially a photo editing app. Photo Express caters to high quality snapshots for the newsman. The app features
  • Crop and tone of photos
  • Fun filters
  • Beautiful border for pictures
With enhanced quality the photos can be sent for press and shared with blogs by journalists.

Evernote for Android is an app for taking notes which is part and parcel of journalist’s job. Evernote enables you to take text notes, upload audio contents and pictures. These data are stored in the cloud so that notes from your mobile phone notes sync with your desktop for retrieval easily.

Qik lets you broadcast live videos, breaking news and hot news quickly across the globe right from your mobile phone while you are on the go. You can
  • Access your videos anywhere
  • Your colleagues can watch as it happens
  • Post to your favorite social networks
VoiceTask is an easy to use free audio recording app for the journalist during interviews. You can receive MP3 recordings by email. This app is handy to record transcriptions and casual talks. You can be cool without your bulky recording equipment whenever you are on the go.

Wordpress for Android is an app ideally suited for bloggers for breaking news. Blogs have some unique features like fast transmission and moderation feature for comments on posts. Users can upload videos and photos to supplement their posts.

All these apps are very useful to journalists and news reporters while on a go. To download any of the app, just search for it in Android market.

EA Games for Windows Phone 7

EA Mobile is planning to launch several classic games for your Windows Phone 7. Showcased here are some of them:

The Sims 3 is a nice game. You can create millions of unique Sims and control their lives with customized appearance and personalities including their dream home. Send your Sims out to explore and meet fellow Sims nearby for fun.

Need for speed undercover is a thrilling car racing game with Hollywood style action that transport players into fictional world at 180 miles per hour. The game features
  • 8 challenging difficulty levels
  • 24 undercover missions
  • Customization of your car
MONOPOLY is a classic board game named after the economic concept of Monopoly. This 75 year-old tradition takes a new avatar with animated tokens and interactive features.

Tetris is a famous Russian game wherein you make lines with falling blocks. This addictive game features
  • 12 challenging variations with gradually increased difficulties
  • Timeless Marathon mode
  • X-Box single player Marathon mode
Hope EA mobile launches more games for windows phone 7.

Root any Android Phone with SuperOneClick

SuperOneClick is a magic app which can be deployed to gain access to root of your phone. The app works on Android 2.2.1 platform.

Procedure to work on SuperOneClick
  • Download SuperOneClick app and unzip it to a folder on your PC
  • Connect your phone to the PC through a USB cable
  • Click SuperOneClick.exe file and choose Root button
That is all, you get a message that your phone has been rooted.
Root Android device Superoneclick
After rooting your Android device, you can install non-Android market apps too. You can install software for tethering to share internet to your computer. Further root access grants you access to vital settings of your phone and permits screenshots easily for bloggers.

Download SuperOneClick from HERE

Download TweetDeck for Android

The most exciting Twitter app for Android platform, TweetDeck, is now ready in the market having gone through loads of tests and experiments. TweetDeck version 1.0 is a completely networked User Interface for effectively managing your social media empire. With this app you can view and post to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz.

Android TweetDeck is the beginning of a new wave of mobile products. Some of the fascinating features of this app are listed below.
  • Better supporting landscape mode
  • Deeper Facebook integration
  • Better multiple account support

The app has already been working with iPhone, BlackBerry, etc. The functionalities of the iPhone TweetDeck are found to be better than those of Android. Furthermore, the widget of the app in Android mobile phone is small and unimpressive. Barring these minor drawbacks, it is expected that TweetDeck will prove to be a success story on the Android platform over a period of time.

To download TweetDeck, just search for it on Android Market or scan the QR code below using barcode reader

HTC 7 Surround with Dolby Mobile and HD Audio

Windows Phone 7 device HTC 7 Surround has been designed to operate as a multimedia oriented Smartphone while on the go. Simply slide out the speaker and surround yourself in scintillating sound. Share your favorite music and videos with your family and friends in virtual surround sound with Dolby Mobile and SRS WOW HD. For intense dimension and volume, just hit the Surround Sound button to take the party towards hyped - up level. The Sound Enhance app delivers equalizer sound effects for a richer listening and viewing experience. Equalizer presets automatically mix bass, treble and vocal levels for maximum effect.
HTC 7 surround
Technical Specification of HTC 7:
  • Processor 1GHz
  • Internal Memory 16 GB, 448 MB RAM
  • 3.8” touchscreen display
  • Weight 165 grams Dimensions: 119.7 mm x 61.5 mm x 12.97 mm
  • Camera 5 megapixel autofocus, flash, 720p HD video
  • Battery 1230 mAh, 240 minutes GSM Talktime

Samsung Wave 525, Wave 533 and Wave 575 on Bada OS!

Samsung Wave family of 3 rich innovative smartphones - Samsung Wave 525, Samsung Wave 533 and Samsung Wave 575 – will be launched soon. The smartphones have similar hardware configuration, sleek and compact design, 3 attractive colors and functional aspects except for certain specific characteristics. For example
  • Wave 525 operates on EDGE network whereas Wave 575 works on 3G HSDPA network
  • Wave 533 deploys an user friendly QWERTY keyboard
  • Wave 525 and Wave 575 perform better with music recognition
  • Wave 525 and Wave 575 support Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP
samsung wave 533
samsung wave 533
Common technical specification of the three handsets
  • Supported by Samsung Bada OS
  • 3.2” WQVGA TFT LCD display
  • Internal memory 100 MB extendable up to 16 GB
  • 3.15 megapixel camera with geo-tagging and video recording
  • Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery
The handsets will be complete with interesting and useful Samsung apps and games.

10 Free Apps For Droid-2 Mobile!

Innumerable and interesting Free apps are available for your Droid-2 phone. Let us showcase 10 of the astounding free apps that you should not miss.

Fake-Call Me – Are you bored with drab official conference calls and meetings? Fake-Call Me is the app that gives you instant relief from this boredom; it initiates a “telephone call” from your “home” with a pre-recorded conversation so that you can escape from the meeting board room. The app creates such “telephone calls”wherever and whenever you like.

Pandora provides your own personalized radio anywhere in the world. You select your favorite singer, song or jazz music. Pandora creates your radio station and plays all your music.

Layar – With this app you can view things around your neighborhood including real time digital information about those things on the camera screen of your mobile phone. Pick up a layer on the screen, you can see houses for sale, bars, shops, subway stations and tourist spots.

Anything Google – You cannot imagine any function without Google, may it be Maps, search and find tools, GPS, Email and Voice calls.
Google Maps, Google Voice, Sky Map, etc., are some of the fascinating apps for your needs on the go.

Talk to Me is an automatic translator app. You speak in English, you get translation in Spanish, French, Italian and German languages instantaneously through your handset. The app is very useful when you go on international visit.

Barcode Scanner – This app enables scanning of barcodes on books, CDs and other products and gets product information including prices and reviews. You can buy products online.

PayPal is cashier for your business or home for settling your ills online. With this app you can

  • Send / receive money
  • Review your accounts

USA Today is a delightful app providing loads of information on politics, business, commerce, finance, etc., from the leading newspaper USA Today. Breaking News and reviews are also brought to you with incredible graphics.

Seesmic - This app helps you login to twitter and share tweets, messages, profile and updates.

Foursquare – This game app helps you to explore your city in novel methods. You have to locate the places of your friends and places where they frequently visit to earn rewards. The app kindles your exploratory skills.

To download all this apps on Droid-2 for Free, just search for them in Android market.

SpeechPrompter app turns iPad into a mobile teleprompter

Worried about delivering your maiden lecture in a technical seminar? Are you a politician addressing a mammoth gathering in an election campaign? You don’t have to prepare and memorize long passages. SpeechPrompter is the wonder app which turns your iPad into a mobile teleprompter for your presentation without any hiccups.

You can adopt speeches already made or create your own speech using this app. Play the text in the same way you do with a teleprompter using this app for a relaxed and perfect delivery of speech.
speechprompter iPad app
Other features of the app include
  • Copy and paste text from email and other documents and edit
  • Pick up your favorite font and size and color
  • Adjust scroll speed with finger swipe
  • Stop and Start scrolling using touch screen
  • Show time elapsed and set countdown time
This app is very useful for college professors, students, politicians, budding orators, pastors and lawyers. Get the app from iTunes for $7.99

Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 Specs Revealed

Samsung Focus WP7
Samsung Focus is the new windows phone 7 mobile featuring:
  • 4 inch super AMOLED
  • Sleek Design weighing 110 gms
  • Xbox LIVE
  • Zune music and videos
  • Enhanced Photo features
  • 480x800 resolution
  • 1 GHz Qualcomm Processor
  • 5 MP Camera including panorama, smile detector, Lomo mode, Add Me, BeautyShot
  • 720P HD Video
  • 3 hours of Battery talk time
  • 10 days of standby time
  • Supports GSM 850; GSM 900; GSM 1800; GSM 1900; HSDPA 7.2; HSUPA 5.6; UMTS 850; UMTS 1900; UMTS 2100
Samsung will take you to new highs in multimedia mobile experience with videos, songs and games apps.   Apart from entertainment the phone will fulfill all your business requirements with different functional apps.        Hope samsung's first WP 7 Focus will make its mark in smartphone market.

5 iPhone Apps for your Car

Several iPhone apps are very useful for your cars also. Here are 5 of the selective apps.

Parker’s Car Price Checker – Are you planning to buy a car, new or used? This paid app from the famous car specialists Parker gets you all required information on brand new cars as well as used cars with up to date price index.
Parkers car price iphone app

Trapster is a free app which forewarns you about traps on your road. The trap may be police patrol, speed trap or a hidden camera. It is very handy for those habitual offenders.

Auto Trader is a popular website which gives you information all about cars. The app AutoTrader enables you to access this site and find useful details like sale, prices, latest models released, etc., in your neighborhood.
auto trader iPhone app

Mygas is a smart free app that furnishes the price of gas in different gas stations in your locality.

Take Me To My Car is an attractive free app which directs you to your parked car any time anywhere. This is more useful when in you are in a strange place.
take me to my car app

Which iPhone app for Car you use the most? Share your thoughts through comments section.

8 Incredible Apps for your Android Phones!

Some of the Android apps are invaluable. 8 such great apps are showcased here for your mobile phone.

TheftAware is a detective app. Register two numbers- your friend’s and your second phone. The app tracks your stolen/lost mobile and its location. It also
  • Raises audible alarm
  • Locks phone
  • Remove secured data
  • Identifies thief’s number
Layar is an app for you to view things around your neighborhood. The browser displays real time digital information on the camera screen of your mobile phone. By picking up multiple layers on the screen you can see houses for sale in one layer, bars and shops in the next layer, subway stations, tourist spots, etc., in other layers. You can add new layers too.

QwikList Voice is a magic app. You can prepare list of items to be packed for a picnic, babies clothes, places to visit, etc., by simply addressing your Android phone. It does the rest of the job. You can send Text messages and reminders too.

MAndFile Browser is a free app which enables you to browse through your files. You can perform basic operations like copy, cut and paste.

MightyMeeting is an excellent marketing tool. You can
  • Organize a webinar
  • Present your company products over Power Point
  • Share knowledge with Facebook or Twitter contacts
3DCoche is an augmented reality app which enables you to locate your parked car. App features
  • View car position
  • Navigation direction
  • Distance from your present location
  • Parking timer record
Bokus is an online bookstore app available in Sweden only at present. You can access a huge collection books with quick delivery at a low price.

SMS2PC is a simple app which redirects messages received on your mobile phone to your computer while you are working on it. You can also send reply to the message and write new messages which syncs with your handset.

To download any of the above apps, just search for them in Android market.

T-Mobile myTouch Specs Leaked !!

T-Mobile is developing myTouch successor with the same name. Specs sheet of T-Mobile myTouch has been leaked. The leaked news is very exciting – the mobile phone includes T-Mobile TV feature. The handset is designed for 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s superfast HSPA+ network and will offer fast access to websites, apps, videos, etc.
T-Mobile myTouch Specs

T-Mobile TV is foreseen with the following features.
  • Live TV and On-demand option
  • Free programs for ABC New Now, Fox Sports, Disney, Univision, etc.
  • Family holiday movie favorites
  • Wi-Fi calling capabilities
The technical specification of the mobile include
  • 3.8” WVGA display
  • Front facing camera
  • 1 GHz processor
Pre installed apps like Monopoly, Google Voice Search, YouTube, Rock Band, Google Maps, Picasa, etc., are available with myTouch phone.

Vital particulars such as price and date of launch of this exciting cellphone are is yet to be announced.

Download LimeRa1n Jaibreak for iPhone iOS 4

LimeRa1n which took 6 months in the making is available for download. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G 4.0, 4.01, 4.0.2, 4.1 and beyond.

Currently you can download LimeRa1n for windows only. Mac and Linux versions are under development and are not available at present.

limera1n download
Download limera1n from HERE.

• BETA 1 – First release
• BETA 2 – Fixed kernel patching magic
• BETA 3 – Fixed new bootrom 3GS
• BETA 4 – Uninstall fixed, respring fixedish

Skype for Android 3G hack Available

Android users were happy when Skype for Android app was launched a couple of days ago. It was a matter of concern that users in the US were unable to access the app with their 3G network. As a policy matter users of 3G networks were blocked from Skype service with an exception of Verizon users. In fact the rest the world, barring Japan and China, could use this Skype app without any restriction.
skype for Android
Hectic activity followed by way of retaliation and a smart guy by name Matt posted a modified version of Skype app in Android Forum for the benefit of users with 3G network. Many more hacks are likely to be developed for other restricted usage apps in the US.

Skype for Android 3G hack is a special sideload program without going through official app store and without voiding phone’s warranty.

Download the Skype for Android 3G hack from HERE.

All-You-Can-Eat Mobile Games Download service by Vodafone

A fresh brand new all-you-can-eat mobile game service has been inaugurated by Vodafone in Europe. You can download and play as many Java ME games as you desire for a small fee of € 5 per month. On completion of playing the games, the digital rights management code embedded in the app will lock out the game and you cannot play it once again.

The following handsets support the trendy games apps.
Nokia – E65, N85, N95, N95 8GB, N78, N81, N97, N97 Mini, 6700, 6303, N96, E71 and E51
Sony Ericsson – C902, W910i, C905, C510, W890i and W715
Samsung – F480, L810 and S8300

This app appears to be a new trend setter wherein the publisher gets his money based on number of downloads and games played. The user is also happy as he has enjoyed playing the game.

Adobe Launches AIR For Android Phones!

Good news for Android phone users, Adobe has unveiled its Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for Android platform. AIR brings web based apps and services to desktop and mobile phones like any other normal service. With this developers can now create variety of apps for Android platform to enable users to be access specific web based apps.
AIR is different from Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player caters to mobile web apps that are integrated into the browser whereas AIR is meant for standalone web apps and would not be hindered by limitation of mobile web browsers. Developers can now make
  • Enhanced app security models
  • Utilize locality stored data
  • GPS support
  • More flexibility and monetization for standalone apps through online market places and catalogues
Adobe Flash platform will permit AIR apps to be compiled and delivered to iOS, BlackBerry, etc., in addition to Android devices soon.

Download Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo

Firefox 4 beta version for Android and Maemo is now available for you to explore its magical capabilities on the go. You are able to share personalized and encrypted web experience across all your devices like desktop, mobile, etc. The major architecture modifications of this latest version are Electrolysis and Layers which focus on enhanced performance and effective responsiveness.
  • Electrolysis enables browser interface to run in a separate process for better browsing performance
  • Layers improves graphics functionalities like zoom, animation and scroll
The premium features of the beta version are Firefox Sync, Awesome Bar and Add-ons.
Firefox Sync integrates data between the desktop and mobile phone. Make use of the following features on your handset when you are travelling in a train.
  • Bookmarks
  • Browsing history
  • Tabs
  • Passwords
  • Form-fill data
With Awesome Bar you can access recent history, bookmarks and tabs just by tapping.

Download Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo Phones from HERE.

Supported Devices:
  • Nokia N900
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Google Nexus One
  • Motorola Droid 2
  • HTC Desire Z (T-Mobile G2)
  • HTC Droid Incredible
  • Motorola Droid X
  • Motorola Milestone (Verizon Droid)
  • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S (Captivate, Verizon Fascinate, T-Mobile Vibrant, Sprint Epic 4G)
  • Other mobile phones which has Android 2.0 or above.

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad vs BlackBerry PlayBook

Now that the three branded tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple’s iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook, are out in the market, how to find out the right choice for your specific needs? Brief showcasing of the strength and weakness of each product may give you some clues on the best buy.

Portability, versatility to adapt to different apps, battery life, security and simplicity to work are some of the crucial features to be considered while selecting a tablet. Let us look into these aspects on the three brands of tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 7” wide screen with an overall weight of 380 grams offers better portability to the users.
Samsung galaxy tab
Other features of Galaxy Tab:
  • It works on Android platform with the latest version 2.2 which is super flexible from the view point of home screen customizing with widgets for every job
  • It supports Flash
  • You can make phone calls from the tab
Apple iPad has a large 9.7” screen with an overall weight of 725 grams. It is too heavy to handle with a single hand for a longer duration. As an Apple product, it is very versatile with variety of applications like video player, ebook reader and web browser.
Apple iPad
Other features of iPad:
  • Working simplicity
  • Compatible with all apps of App Store
  • Resistance to customization
  • No facility to make phone calls
  • Does not support Flash
BlackBerry PlayBook is the new entrant into the tab market with a 7” screen and weight 450 grams. It is not as heavy as iPad though not as light as Samsung Galaxy Tab.
BlackBerry Playbook

Other features of the PlayBook:
  • Supports Flash
  • Existing BlackBerry Smartphone apps are not compatible
  • New apps specifically for tab are to be developed which may be time consuming
  • RIM’s best security features incorporated
  • No direct phone calls possible from the tab
  • No dedicated store for music, video and eBooks unlike iPad
  • Syncing with desktop computer is easy and simple
  • Offers better flexibility for business purposes

Comparison of the three tabs at a glance brings to light some striking features.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the lightest and hence the most portable. It is also the best for customization.
  2. iPad is the strongest in apps exploitation
  3. BlackBerry PlayBook is most suited for business for its best security aspects
You have to pick up the right tab which meets with your requirements for business as well as personal aspects. Last but not the least is the price factor which is of paramount importance in making purchase decision.

5 Educative Mobile Games For Children!

Games are avid attraction for children. If the games are mixed with education, children find them very useful. 5 such great Educative games compatible with different mobile platforms are showcased here:

For iPhone:
Flashcard Champion Basic Math is a family game in simple arithmetic for children in the age group 4-11. Questions on basic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are answered by children in this game. Number of questions answered correctly and the time frame add spice and fun to the game. Other features
  • Customization
  • Sound effect
  • Difficulty levels
  • Smooth animation
Dinosaurs Kids App is ideally suited for children in the age group 8-12. The app focuses on 3 major topics – Dinosaurs, Volcanoes and ancient Egypt including videos and snapshots for add life to the games. Other important feature include
  • Quizzes
  • Memory match techniques
  • Brush off layers to reveal artifacts
  • Map reading including zoom facility
  • Shake mobile to break jigsaw puzzles
For Android:
Children ABC Series is a fun and educative game app for toddlers and young children. Children view the objects such as animals, fruits, numbers, food items, etc., and identify them with the words.  Children learn letter recognition, spelling and pronunciation. They can touch and feel the object and speak out the name of the objects. The animal version is accompanied by animal noise as well.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite is a fun game for preschoolers. It focuses on math and numbers in six international languages. Some of tasks of the game are
  • Identify objects with highest and lowest numbers
  • Elementary arithmetic functions
  • Matching numbers
For BlackBerry and Symbian:
Smart Educational Games is an amazing game which tests your knowledge on
  • Geography
  • Mental awareness
  • Speed and accuracy of calculation
  • Memory skill
The games have different difficulty levels for adults and children. The games feature gorgeous graphs and extreme variations from normal to rapid fire puzzles. The game can be played in portrait or landscape mode of the screen.

All these apps need to be purchased. Just search for them in their respective stores to find it.

AARP Launches 4 Fabulous Apps For 50+ People!

There is good news for people in the 50 + age group, the well known social service nonprofit organization AARP has opened its debut of 4 fantastic applications for mobile phones.

The apps are - AARP App, AARP Magazine, AARP Bulletin and AARP VIVA.
AARP iPhone apps
AARP App is a meeting point for users of AARP and its media world. The app features
  • Update of news relevant to 50+ community
  • Save and share useful content with fellow mates over social networks like Twitter, Facebook
  • Watch and share videos
  • Receive discounts on products from the service providers
  • Membership renewal option
You have an option to carry digital membership card for easy access to AARP programs and latest messages.

The other three apps are publication apps can also be downloaded freely. You can read, view, listen to and share top stories and breaking news relevant to 50+ population.

Download the Free AARP Apps from iTunes Link

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad?

Jailbreaking of your iPhone has advantages as well as disadvantages like the two sides of a coin. Whereas you are free to use the services of any carrier of your choice in addition to AT&T, you have to sacrifice Apple’s product warranty for your handset.

Jailbreaking does not follow formula solutions. Each case is unique and the method adopted for jailbreaking is different. The website has provided certain guidelines explaining the process of jailbreaking with easy to follow charts.

The site features
  • Storage of information related to jailbreaking.
  • Jailbreaking data on firmware version basis
  • Difficult new versions can be downgraded to old firmware version with links to downgrade guide
  • Charts indicate software and method to jailbreak old version firmware
  • Jail-breaking all versions of iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS. Yet to provide support for iPhone 4.
Every jailbreak is different and hence complete instructions have to be studied before attempting jailbreak. Create backup of your device software before starting jailbreak for any contingency

Free Flashlight App for BlackBerry Phones!

In the mobile phone industry, applications are meant for sophisticated, specific and non-phone purposes whether it is free or paid. The app may enable the user to view a movie, listen to favorite music, find route to destination, etc. It is also necessary ensure that you get the money’s worth while buy the app. For example, Flashlight app raises a big question mark viewed in the light of the foregoing.

BlackBerry mobile phone incorporates LED flash which can be activated by starting the video camera app. Simply hit the spacebar for on/off of the flash light.

A separate and exclusive flashlight app known as ShaoSoft has been released by FlashOn for free. The app permits you to use LED flash along with changing of the color of the screen.
flashlight app for BlackBerry

From the foregoing are you not convinced that buying Flash light app is a colossal waste?

How to Send SMS on Future Date?

In general internet is used to send email and instant messages instantly without any intentional deferment. There are occasions when you want to send messages on a later date deliberately, for example a greeting for birthday or marriage. The greetings should reach only on the specific birth date or date of marriage, not earlier or not later. is the website that comes in handy for such services. The website is relatively new but is efficient and will do your job diligently.

Procedure for sending message through
  • Write a short and sweet message and sign your name
  • On Date option of menu, set the future date when the message has to be sent.
  • You can send the greetings in 3 options – text, tweet or email
  • Text option - Enter receiver’s Phone Number and Carrier of the Phone.
  • Tweet option – Login to your Twitter account
  • Email option – Fill in the email address of the receiver of the message

Your message will be placed in the queue till the date of sending.

5 Must Have Apps For Your Android Phone !!

There are thousands of excellent apps available for your Android phone. 5 of the must have apps for Android phones are highlighted here.

Layar – With this augmented reality app you can view things around your neighborhood through your mobile camera and get information about those things in a new place. You can see houses for sale, subway stations and tourist spots.

Barcode Scanner – This app enables scanning of barcodes on books, CDs and other products and get product information including prices and reviews. You can buy products online.

Sugar Sync is a smart app that integrates contents of your desktop and laptop with your Android phone. With an internet connection you are able to retrieve and work on any document, view pictures wherever you are.

Gmail is a popular app which gets Google’s mail service right onto your Android mobile.

Photoshop is an app which works with Adobe to provide multi various features for snapshots like
  • Resize photos
  • Change color
  • Rotation
Hope you already have these must have apps for your Android mobile phone. If not,just search in the Android market on your mobile to install the above apps.

GetJar Giving Premium Games for FREE

GetJar has extensive database with millions of mobile phone games and apps. The site allows you to search and download any game you want for free at present for a limited time. The best feature is their instant download option.

Each game listed on GetJar has a brief story accompanied by a couple of screenshots. You can see how many people have downloaded the game so far. For majority of the games user ratings, player reviews and list of salient features are displayed. You can browse the game from your mobile phone. You can also checkout new and most frequently downloaded and featured games.

GetJar has set new records as the largest games & app market with a billion downloads in 200 countries and 100 million downloads per day.

Go to to download your favourite games for free now.

GBScanner App allows you to manage Google Books Library

Google has been part of our everyday life with its unique features like search engine, email, RSS feeds, documents, books, etc. Google Books can be used if you are a book worm. You can manage your digital bookshelves in Google books library with options like
  • Favorites
  • Reading now
  • Have read
  • To read
  • Reviewed
You can add customized bookshelves to suit your specific needs. Search for the book, find the book and simply click “add to my library”, the job is done.
GBscanner iPhone app
On your iPhone, you can add physical books to your Google Books account for reference using the GBScanner app for $0.99. The app allows you to add a book’s ISBN by scanning the barcode; alternatively you can input ISBN manually. Once the book is accounted, you can add the book to the bookshelf of your choice for retrieval and reference. The app is versatile and supports multitasking.

iPhone Arabic Translation App by Yamli

Are you running an office in the Gulf countries? Do you have projects under execution in the Emirates? You may find that knowledge of Arabic language may be an added advantage to handle your clients and local people. Here is an useful app, Yamli Arabic Keyboard and Search, from Language Analytics, for you. The app brings a powerful Arabic translation tool to your iPhone and iPad to tackle you Arabian counterparts.
Arab translation app iPhone 1.jpg

The app features
  • Simply type Arabic words phonetically in English, Yamli does the translation
  • Web browsing, search, map reading and music in Arabic
  • Send email and text in Arabic
  • The job is done offline and there is no need for internet connection
  • New features like social networking and smart search will also be added to the app in the near future
Arab translation app iPhone 2.jpg
The app costs $2.99 and it is really worth it. Get the Yamli Arabic App from iTunes

Samsung i8700,Windows Phone 7 Mobile Demo Video

Check out the video demo of Samsung Windows Phone 7 i8700.

StumbleUpon App for iPhone and Android Available

The popular web discovery service StumbleUpon wants to make it easier for you to discover new online content and the company has just released an amazing app for Apple’s iPhone and Android.

The app lets you find new websites and images based on your preference. Simply specify category of your interest and hit the StumbleUpon button, you are off to a site you have never been familiar with. This is a nice way to kill boredom. It sends you to popular sites like YouTube, news and Flickr. You can share your favorite sites though your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with other StumbleUpon users.
StumbleUpon App for iPhone
While syncing with your existing StumbleUpon account, the service also enables
  • Setting Stumble preferences
  • Rate pages
  • Set categories – photos, YouTube and news
StumbleUpon is a wonderful way to kill time on the go and explore new content.

Download StumbleUpon app for Android from Market place or for iPhone from iTunes Free.

Skype For Android Phones!

Skype has launched their much waited app for Android phones.

Free Skype-to-Skype calls:
If you already use Skype on a desktop computer, you will see your full contact list when you sign in to Skype on your Android phone. You can make free Skype-to-Skype calls over Wi-Fi network wherever you are or wherever your friends might be. The service also works on 3G, EDGE, GPRS for free.

Save Money on calls to phones abroad:
Use Skype to dial the phone number and pay with Skype credit or a subscription. When you are abroad, connect to a Wi-Fi zone and avoid roaming charges on calls. This applies to Skype-to-Skype calls and calls to phones.

Instant Message for an instant response:
It is free to send and receive Instant Messages (IMs) one-to-one or with a group. You can keep in constant touch with your friends and their plans at the same time.

In the US, you can make calls over Wi-Fi only. The service is not available in China and Japan.

Visit on your phone to download.

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